Saturday, October 1, 2016

Tricking my sweet tooth to avoid Halloween treats

By Kevin Hunsperger
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It's October 1 and time for another accountability blog. I started earlier this year with a renewed focus on Operation Find My Abs. If you've kept up, you know I've hit several bumps in the road. September turned out to not be a bad month. On January 1, I weighed 193.6 pounds and today I'm 184.3 pounds. The goal isn't weight loss, but to tone up and be in better shape.

Throughout the month I focused on running for my main source of exercise. The run streak I started on May 1 continued through the month. But I did do several one milers because of a pulled muscle in my back. I put in about 63 miles for the month. 

My goal for October is to not only run more, but also workout more. I haven't been to the gym in months. That has to change. The last three months of the year I typically fall off the healthier eating wagon and indulge in the sweet treats associated with the seasons at hand. Candy apples, Reese's Pumpkins and pumpkin spiced beer will tempt me for the next four weeks. Moderation will be the key as I likely will not have the willpower to completely eliminate these things.

Does anyone have tips on keeping a sweet tooth at bay? I have been turning to chocolate protein powder smoothies when I want something sweet and it's helping. My snacking continues to be almonds, cashews and fresh fruit. What else can I add?

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