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Boo Blog: Skandor Akbar

Devestation Inc.
By Kevin Hunsperger
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When I first started watching wrestling in the early 80s, World Class Championship Wrestling was my favorite. The Von Erichs, the Freebirds and Devastation Incorporated were among the cast of characters that stood out to me and made the promotion so great.

Akbar in action
Devastation Incorporated was headed by a ruthless figure named Skandor Akbar. Little did I know at the time "The General" had been an accomplished wrestler in a prior life and had transitioned into a managerial role. He wore Mideastern garb and chomped on cigars as he led a bevy of beasts into battle against some of WCCW's best and brightest baby faces.

Akbar's army included monsters like Kamala, The Missing Link and One Man Gang. Memories of those days include the Link and Kerry Von Erich going toe to toe with the Link headbutting Kerry so many times commentator Bill Mercer was convinced Kerry's nose was broken. Akbar stood by encouraging the brutality.

Akbar & Bubba
He managed One Man Gang in UWF after jumping ship from World Class. Gang won the championship there after Terry Gordy forfeited the belt. But it wasn't long before Akbar switched his allegiance and helped Big Bubba Rogers (later the Big Bossman) win the championship. 

Recognize the guy in the mask?
Akbar bounced between UWF and WCCW/USWA through the years. He was without a doubt one of the best managers in those promotions. Unfortunately, he never made his was to WWF like many of the men who were in his charge, including The Punisher who we know today as The Undertaker.

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