Monday, October 3, 2016

Boo Blog: Scary, but true...

Never seen them...

By Kevin Hunsperger
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It's actually not that scary at all. But I suspect I will be judged by some folks reading this blog (in a fun way) over the handful of Halloween themed movies I've never seen. I love Halloween, but I'm not a huge fan of horror films. I did enjoy franchises like Scream, Friday the 13th and even the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre (which I think is the scariest movie I've seen).

So here are a few of the films popular this time of year that I've never seen. Hocus Pocus. Obviously, this is a family friendly film, but I have no clue how we've managed to miss it all these years. The movie came out when I was in college, and my wife and I were dating back then but never made it around to going to see it. I have no good reason for not seeing it. Hocus Pocus looks fun. People talk about it all the time. It's definitely on my Halloween-themed movie to do list this season.

I've only seen bits and pieces the original Halloween movie. And I never watched any of the sequels. I was probably about 10 years old when I saw Halloween on cable. It was on Halloween night and I still remember laying in bed and swearing I saw Michael Myers' silhouette in the doorway. I never had the testicular fortitude to tune in again. 

There's never been a nightmare on my street because I've managed to avoid all the Nightmare on Elm Street films. Yes, I know who Freddy Krueger is and the premise of the movies, but I never had any desire to watch the film in its entirety. 

There you have it. My short list of Halloween/scary movies that I've never taken the time to see. Judge me accordingly...

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