Tuesday, October 25, 2016

When words speak louder than actions

Courtesy: WWE

By Kevin Hunsperger
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The go-home Raw for Hell in a Cell Monday night was full of more talk than wrestling. All participants in the triple main event had time to talk, plus the antics with Chris Jericho pursuing his list, Curtis Axel's promo and the Brock Lesnar-Paul Heyman response to Goldberg meant a lot less in-ring action. While I wasn't a huge fan of all the talk, there was one segment that stood out to me- the contract signing for the Raw Women's Championship.

Not only did Sasha Banks and Charlotte deliver passionate arguments about why they'll win Sunday, but also Mick Foley's call for concern put the segment over the top. Other than the Undertaker and maybe Triple H, no other WWE Superstar has been more associated with Hell in a Cell than Foley. His typically easy going demeanor quickly changed as he warned both women about the insanity they're about to face.

Courtesy: WWE
Mick's emotional recount of all the health problems he's faced through his career resonated with me. It was the best Foley segment I've seen in years. Both women were impacted but remained confident in their resolve. The other thing that made this segment so special was neither woman laid a hand on the other. The contract signing didn't end in the predictable chaos that most signings do. Well done Mick, Sasha and Charlotte. This segment made me even more excited about what I hope will be the HIAC main event. Wooo!

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