Friday, October 28, 2016

Boo Blog: The Creatures

By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'm watching Halloween Havoc '91 for a part of Monday's podcast (there's an interview guest too with Chikara Pro's Kobald). One of the matches I'd forgotten about was the second contest on the card, rapper PN News and Big Josh (later Doink the Clown) vs. The Creatures. 

The Creatures were two guys wearing green masks and green tights. It was the first and only time this team would be on WCW television. Until today I had no idea who the men under the masks were. Turns out the late "Jumpin'" Joey Maggs and Johnny Rich (Tommy Rich's cousin) were the Creatures. 

The Creatures

The match was clearly set up to put over the good guys and include a Halloween gimmick not a part of the regular roster. News scored the pin with Big Josh standing on his back. I don't recall this duo doing anything after Halloween Havoc either. News left in early 1992 and Josh eventually went to WWE and became Doink.

Maggs had bounced around different promotions through his career. I remember him best from reading about him in the Apter magazines. He retired from wrestling in 1998 and sadly died a decade ago at the age of 37. 

So the Creatures may not go down in wrestling history for anything other than a quick hit (if even) at Halloween Havoc. But I felt the need to recognize this spooky duo in time for the holiday.

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