Friday, September 30, 2016

I'll never be Super Dad and that's okay

Super Dad? Not even close
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I decided to ask the people who read this blog what types of topics they'd like to see covered outside of the usual wrestling posts. Parenting has been a popular pick, so today I'm tackling the issue. You may see more blogs on the subject in the near future as I'm working on some new ideas for the future of My 1-2-3 Cents. Stay tuned for those details.

Growing up my parents were mine and my brother's biggest supporters. My dad coach soccer teams year after year and he served as a leader in Boy Scouts going on countless campouts and hikes with the troop. My mom was a den mother, served as the president of the PTO and volunteered at several other functions. In high school, they attended my brother's wrestling matches and football games. They cheered me on at cross country meets (including the 2.5 hour trip to Sikeston each year), track meets and school plays. 

Spring Break in Gatlinburg, TN
When I had kids it was my plan to be just as involved in our kids' lives. And thanks to the schedule I work, I'm able to attend just about every activity the kids do. Despite them being embarrassed if we cheer too loud, my wife and I wouldn't miss these opportunities for anything. But having three kids that are part of teams and clubs sometimes someone gets shuffled to another parent. That's where the "It takes a village" concept really helps.

But does that make us Super Parents? Of course not. While we are active in our kids' lives and spend as much time as possible with them, there are plenty of times we would not be awarded Parent of the Year trophies.

  • We cuss in front of our kids. Sometimes the F-bomb even gets dropped.

  • We've had cake, ice cream and even candy for dinner at times.
  •  All three kids have their own smartphone and are on social media. In fact, my 16-year-old has a better phone than both of us. Sometimes we text each other from down the hall. 

Lucha Dad & Lucha Daughter
  • I've made the kids dress up and participate in some of my silly antics. Most of the time they're good sports. The teenagers are no longer required to do this.   
  • Laundry doesn't always get folded and put away in a timely matter. Ironing is a great rarity here.
  • The kids don't make straight As (or Bs). They drop the ball on the field, hit a sour note in the band or miss a step in a cheer competition. We don't dwell on these moments. They're learning lessons and we move on. I recently heard the phrase "You win some, you LEARN some." It's a good strategy to use in life.

The Hecks
Courtesy: ABC
I'm sure I'm forgetting other less-than-perfect parenting moments around here. But you get the point. I wanted to share this because there's no such thing as the perfect parent. Many times people on social media and bloggers like to present a picture-perfect view of their lives. I like to compare our family to the Hecks on the ABC comedy The Middle. Enjoy the time you have while the birds are still in the nest and no one can say we're not doing that.


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