Sunday, October 23, 2016

Remember the Titans

Old friends making new friends
By Kevin Hunsperger
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If you've read this blog before or know me in real life, you realize I am not a sports guy by any means. Twenty-one years ago I attended my first NFL game when the Rams moved to St. Louis. My wife (fiance back then) and I attended a couple of games that opening season, just to say we went. Fast forward a couple of decades and I found myself at another NFL game, this time in Nashville to cheer on the Tennesee Titans.

It all started a couple of months ago when my friend of 40 years (it blows my mind to say that) Kevin texted me and asked if I liked football. My response was "I like watching my son play high school ball" which was about all I'd seen in terms of football in recent years. Even that level of competition I don't understand what's going on. But being lifelong friends I'm never going to turn down the chance to spend time with a buddy. Since moving away from St. Louis in 1997 I don't have the chance to visit with my friends from that area very often.

Kevin and I hit Nashville Saturday night and took in some of the local bars and listened to some great music. Because we're both old, we were back in the hotel and asleep before the opening monolog on Saturday Night Live was over. But we woke up refreshed and ready for some football.

Rubiks Groove
We arrived at Nissan Stadium ready to watch the Titans battle the Indianapolis Colts. Before going in to find our seats we enjoyed some live music from an 80s tribute band called Rubiks Groove. Each member was dressed like an icon from that decade, including Teen Wolf, Edward Scissorhands and Johnny (the douchebag from Karate Kid).  We played a game of modified cornhole where if you sunk the bag in the hole you won a shirt. We each won. Oh and there was the photo op with the cheerleaders. Then it was off to our seats and time for the game.

Here come the Titans!
I was pleasantly surprised to see former WWE Superstar The Road Dog pop up on the jumbotron welcoming fans to the stadium. Then it wasn't long before the Titans made their way to the field, using a mix of The New Age Outlaws' theme song along with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's. There were pyro and fanfare reminding us both of a WWE event. 

Even though I didn't really know what was happening on the field, it was a fun time watching the game and seeing the action in person. The environment was great as we sat with a mixture of both Titans and Colts fans. I even got lei'd by a stadium employee. It was a great day for football, the weather was awesome and I loved the stadium. Hopefully, it won't be another 21 years before my next NFL experience.

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