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Boo: Ministry of Darkness

Members of the Ministry of Darkness
By Kevin Hunsperger
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This is the first of what I hope is 31 Halloween related wrestling blogs.  Chad and I are going to take turns writing about different gimmicks, matches, and wrestlers who have some kind of tie to Halloween.  Some have scary outfits, others are just plain silly.  We'll also take suggestions.

I've decided to start off with the Ministry of Darkness.  This group formed during the Attitude Era.  Paul Bearer and the Undertaker had reunited after being a part for a couple of years.  The duo was also joined by several up and comers in the WWE including Edge and Christian, along with their Brood partner Gangrel.  Faarooq and Bradshaw, known as the Acolytes were also in the group as were Viscera (formerly the fun loving rapper Mabel and evil King Mabel) and Mideon (who once carried a slop bucket as Phineas I. Godwin).

Bossman hanging out.
This was during what I would describe as Undertaker's satanic phase.  He had gone from the cold blooded heel stuffing opponents into body bags to the babyface who was impervious to pain to this demonic figure. 'Taker put his men through sadistic rituals as they were initiated into his group.  Undertaker claimed to be taking orders from "the Higher Power", and  he and the Brood members worked together to hang the Big Bossman at Wrestlemania 15 during their Hell in a Cell matchup.  Bossman was a member of the feuding faction "The Corporation" headed by Vince McMahon.

Do you take this woman...
One of the highlights of the angle was the kidnapping of McMahon's daughter and the satanic wedding that was to take place.  Stephanie McMahon was tied to the Undertaker's symbol, but like all wrestling weddings, something had to happen.  Stone Cold Steve Austin foiled the plans and saved the Billion Dollar Princess.

Eventually, the Ministry of Darkness would merge with the Corporation and form the Corporate Ministry.  During this time, the higher power was finally revealed, and in one of the biggest letdowns in wrestling history (IMO) it was Vince McMahon himself.  It was a big swerve, but I have no idea if that's what the original plan was.  I have a hard time thinking that's how the angle was supposed to end.

The higher power is...
Eventually the Corporate Ministry would disband, and the Acolytes would become the popular APA, Edge and Christian would take off as one of the best tag teams of that era, and go on to great singles careers, and Mideon and Viscera would well, ummm, they kinda flounder.

Undertaker of course went on to continue the most talked about "streak" in wrestling history.  He'd also win the WWE championship several times over.  Paul Bearer would "die" a couple of times, who knows if and when he'll be back.

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