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Stride guests ca$hing in

Daniel Eads (in the suit)
Courtesy: WWE
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I know the title is a bit of a stretch, but I'm glad you're checking out today's blog. I'll be focusing on indy wrestlers making appearances on WWE television. 

Aaron Relic & Jay Hatton
Courtesy: WWE
In 2012, I saw this happen for the first time when both Heath Hatton and Ace Hawkins (now both members of the Stride Pro Wrestling roster) had gone from All American Pro Wrestling to WWE Extreme Rules. The duo famously faced Ryback in a match where "2 is greater than one!" was coined. 

Later that same year both Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn signed with NXT after wrestling each other at AAPW's Main Event show. I still pinch myself knowing that I called that epic match that night. 

Myles Murphy on 205 Live
Courtesy: WWE
In recent months, some of the talent on Stride's roster has had a look from WWE. In March, former Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champion Joey O'Riley battled Jack Gallagher in a highly competitive match on 205 Live. O'Riley went into battle that night as Murphy Myers and as far as I'm concerned showed his value as a professional wrestler that night on the worldwide stage.

Daniel Eads at NXT Takeover
Over this past weekend, a less regular member of the Stride roster popped up on WWE TV. Daniel Eads, who has wrestled a few times for Stride (most recently at Stride Goes Steel) appeared on camera during the main event of NXT Takeover: Chicago II. He was in a suit and came out after Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa. Eads has a ton of talent and I have no doubt he'll be signed by WWE at some point. I don't know any particulars about his visit over the weekend, but I'm sure he also had a chance to wrestle in front of the decision makers. He's a great guy and I'd love for him to get an opportunity on that worldwide stage too.

What a difference two months can make...
The last mention for this post is James Ellsworth. Granted, he's not a "Stride Guy", he did a guest spot with us in April. He's also been on a Cape Championship Wrestling show too. Yes, it was because he'd already worked with WWE, but I still find it cool that someone that was on a fundraiser show with Stride two months ago was back in a WWE ring and playing a huge role in a championship storyline. A few of us went out to dinner with Ellsworth after the Stride show and we all had a chance to just sit and talk (even longer than expected because the service was so slow). 

I love that indy guys are getting a chance to shine in front of more people. Not everyone has an end game of being a part of WWE. But to those who do, keep fighting to make it there. Who will be next to appear? You never know. I don't want to turn this on me, but most of you know I'm hopeful to one day be a part of a kickoff show panel discussion on WWE Network. My hope is renewed. 

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