Sunday, June 3, 2018

Introducing CJ Jordan

CJ Jordan vs. Wraith

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Stride Pro Wrestling is a training ground for the future of indy wrestling. Many of the men on the roster have come through the 'Stride School', including the late Red Daniels, Dexter Roswell and Disciple Ryzer. All three men made an impact in Stride. A current student at the school got his shot in the ring over the weekend. CJ Jordan hails from Kansas City, Missouri and impressed me immensely in his debut.

Fans probably recognize Jordan as a referee with Stride. He was the man who took a power slam from Roger Matheus at Cinco de Strideo the night my daughter was also slammed. Jordan reffed the match between Matheus and me at Stride Goes Steel.  On June 2 though, Jordan traded the stripes for knee pads and tights and stepped into the ring at Legacy Champion Wraith. 

Jordan had a great showing in the ring, despite coming up short against the champion. However, he had several great offensive moves and it's clear he is a natural in the ring. Jordan is a young man and still has plenty of time to develop. I have no doubt some of the minor mistakes made during his match will go away as he continues to train and get more matches under his belt. Quite frankly, the sky's the limit for this competitor.

Friends, the future is bright in Stride Pro Wrestling. More trainees are signing up. The foundation is being laid. Be sure to follow along here

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