Tuesday, June 26, 2018

10 signs Conrad Thompson is influencing your life

Meeting Conrad Thompson & Bruce Prichard
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I'm no David Letterman, but the iconic talk show host has inspired me in more ways than one. I'm borrowing his popular Top 10 list and if this goes well I may do future posts like it.

'Podcast Row'
Today, it's the Top 10 signs Conrad Thompson is influencing your life. Conrad is the popular co-host of three of pro wrestling's biggest podcasts: Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard, What Happened When with Tony Schiavone and 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff. I love all three of these shows and the common denominator is Conrad. Kudos to him for the brands he is building and the influence he as a fan is having on the wrestling business. I truly aspire to be more like him. Okay, I'm putting down the chapstick now and getting to our list, from our home office in Huntsville, Alabama...

10. Everything you know about mesothelioma, erectile dysfunction and low-key big hogs has come to you in the last two years.

9. You go out of your way to get the ham cubes at your local Shoney's. 

8. The phrase 'glass bottom boat rides' makes you sick to your stomach.

7. Most of your summer wardrobe comes from Lois Rules, Box of Gimmicks and Eric

6. You know Twitch has nothing to do with a convulsive movement.

5.  Instead of barbecue sauce, you now associate Jim Ross with sassafras. 

4. Whenever it's on the menu, you order chicken salad, because, well, you know...

3. Online shopping activities include looking for Ric Flair robes and championship belts. 

2. You affectionately refer to all your friends as 'Slap Dicks'.

Stacy Kiebler
Courtesy: WWE
1. 'Roll Tide' becomes a regular part of your vocabulary, even though you live hundreds of miles away from Alabama and know nothing about football.

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