Friday, June 15, 2018

Old school opponents for the Old School Warrior

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I remember the first time I saw Ax Allwardt wrestle. It was 2006 and was part of an AAPW show. He and his obnoxious (but awesome) manager Gaylord Stephens stood out to me the most. Ax was dubbed the Old School Warrior and he lived up to that moniker, coming out to Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas. Even though he was a bad guy, I enjoyed what Ax did in the ring. He remind me of the classic bad guys when I was a kid watching wrestling. 

So those memories have inspired a blog today on which 80s WWE Superstars Ax would have been good in the ring against. First up, the most beloved WWF Champion of that era, Hulk Hogan. Imagine Ax and his chain coming to the ring at Madison Square Garden and going toe to toe against the Hulkster. I see Ax, Gaylord and the benefactor of this duo J. Wellington Beauregard using the chain to clothesline Hogan after a ref bump and then Ax piledriving Hogan in the middle of the ring and covering the champ. Of course, there's no ref to make the count though and Hulkster rallies and hits Ax with the big boot and pins his foe. 

The other big babyface in the 80s was the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes. Because Ax reminds me of Harley Race in some of his moves, a match between the former Stride Pro Wrestling heavyweight champion and the Dream would be awesome. This time though, Ax, Gaylord and J. Wells get caught with the chain as Ax wraps it around his fist and busts open Rhodes. The referee calls for the bell and Ax gets disqualified. As he's putting the boots to Rhodes after a postmatch piledriver, the Four Horsemen join the fray until the Road Warriors and Magnum TA make the save. 

Now that Ax and his longtime rival Heath Hatton have buried the hatchet and become the tag team champions here in Stride Pro Wrestling, imagine this duo facing Hercules and Paul Roma, Power & Glory. Hatton and Allwardt are a good guy version of this team. It would become a battle of the chains very quickly. Hatton would hit the Superman Punch on Roma and in his dazed and confused state would fall victim to a boot to the gut and a piledriver from Ax. 1-2-3 Power & Glory succumbs to the Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions.

Who would you like to see Ax Allwardt face off against from the 80s or early 90s? Weigh in here or on the Stride Pro Wrestling Facebook page

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