Saturday, June 2, 2018

Showing your 'Stride Pride'

Stride Pride on Monday Night Raw
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Stride Pro Wrestling has been around for more than two years and in that time not only has the roster grown and gotten stronger but so has our fan base. We have the most loyal and dedicated fans. Some show up at every show, even in April when we had three shows over the course of eight days.

We want to thank our fans as always for showing their 'Stride Pride'. It's an easy thing to do. Make signs, wear t-shirts of your favorite wrestlers or just come out and cheer. Share your pictures or videos on social media and use the hashtag #StridePride and you could end up winning a prize for your efforts.

Hunter and Jamie Woodworth are two of the ultimate Stride Pro Wrestling fans. When they went to a Monday Night Raw recently, they had Stride (and J. Wellington Beauregard) signs in hand. One even popped up during the broadcast from St. Louis. 

But it doesn't just have to be showing your pride at a WWE event. Come to the Stride shows with signs and get ready to cheer for your favorites and boo the stars you dislike. Stride has had some amazing shows in recent months and we want to keep that momentum running strong. 

If you have already, check out the Stride Pro Wrestling Facebook page. There's a questionnaire pinned at the top. Take a moment to weigh in there too. And don't forget, we're at Christopher Homecoming Saturday, June 2. Bell time is 2 p.m. Bring a chair, it's an outdoor event, but it's also FREE!

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