Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hunsperger Berry Beer

Episode 88
Hunsperger Berry Beer

By Kevin Hunsperger
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I've blogged before about the craft beer YouTube channel I have with a few of my friends called The Craftbeericans. This experience has opened my eyes to all kinds of wonderful craft beers from around our region here in southern Illinois, and beyond. Another great aspect is meeting home brewers, specifically the Southern Illinois Brewers.

A couple months ago we met the group at the CarbondALE Brew Fest. The Craftbeericans hit it off with Doug Brinkley, who decided to honor each of the founding fathers with a home brew in his honor. So far we've tried the Harness Lager, the Bryant Brown Ale and today for the first time and on live video, the Hunsperger Berry Beer. I tend to like the fruit flavored beers a little more than the tradition brews. 

Tom Harness and I recorded Episode 88 and themed it after the Smurfs. Because of the Smurfberries they eat it made sense to drink the Hunsperger Berry Beer for the show. We live streamed it on the Craftbeericans Facebook page and it will soon be on our YouTube channel.

I like this beer. By our ratings system of "If you were on a stranded island, would you drink this again, pour it out and send a note in a bottle for better beer, or piss in the bottle" I would definitely drink it again. My sincere gratitude to Doug and his efforts. I'm truly flattered by the gesture and look forward to another glass of the Hunsperger Berry Beer.

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