Saturday, July 2, 2016

Thank you Jeff Jarrett

Ready to rumble
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I felt it was necessary to post a follow up to my blog earlier in the week, My Wrestling Resume. It was a blatant pitch (pun intended) to Jeff Jarrett to be a part of the Global Force Wrestling Grand Slam Tour stop in my town. GFW set up at Rent One Park, home of the Southern Illinois Miners, this week. 

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I was offered the opportunity to announce one of the matches. Their ring announcer Brandon Baxter introduced me and plugged My 1-2-3 Cents, Jittery Monkey and WSIL. He also complimented my "Bobby Heenan" jacket that my mom made for me when we went to WrestleMania 27 as the Heenan family.

Four corners match
I announced the four corners match between Kongo Kong, Mike Outlaw, Joey Avalon and "Hot Shot" Danny Duggan. Sitting on the field very close to the ring was an awesome experience and when Kong went to the top rope and splashed down on Outlaw I could see the breath escape Outlaw's body. Kong pinned his fallen opponent and won the match.

Yes that's a hoverboard in a match
The announcing experience was awesome as always, but getting a chance to talk with the wrestlers in the locker room and along the concourse was amazing too. I got to meet Karen Jarrett, who was absolutely amazing. Colt Cabana was there and remembered me from the days when he was on AAPW shows here in Marion. It always impresses me when someone who has so much going on in this business remembers my name. I know he's probably not reading, but thankkkkks.

Nash is in green
Kevin Nash and Swoggle were there too, but I didn't really have a chance to interact with the two of them. They were clearly the busiest guys there, meeting fans, taking pics and signing autographs. I did chuckle when a fan asked me "Is she really a Von Erich?" referring to GFW Women's Champion Christina Von Eerie. I told him no and reminded him her name was Von Eerie, not Von Erich.

My view before hitting the ring
Thanks again to everyone who made the show possible and those who came out to watch. I hope one day GFW finds a home on TV. Support these shows when they come to your town and if there's indy wrestling near you, go out and watch as well. You're helping men and women live their dream and you're getting entertained at a fraction of the cost.

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