Saturday, July 9, 2016

Burgers and craftbeer: the perfect tag team

Easy Street Wheat
By Odell Brewing Co.
By Kevin Hunsperger
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Since starting the Tarzan Challenge, I've been doing better than expected with my eating. Today however, I paused the healthy eating when we took a road trip to Perryville, Missouri to celebrate my son and wife's birthdays. We met my parents, who live in St. Louis, at a place called Mary Jane Burgers and Brew Company. We were not disappointed.

There's more than a dozen craft breweries on tap. I went with the Easy Street Wheat by Odell Brewing Company. I'm more of a wheat or fruit flavored beer drinker, so this one was perfect for me. By the Craftbeericans rating system, if I was stranded on an island and had Easy Street Wheat, I would drink it (and request more). 

War Pigs Burger
Mary Jane Burgers & Brew Co.

The food was equally as good. I'm a burger guy, and had the War Pigs Burger. It's a pork burger, topped with bacon, pulled pork and pepper jack cheese. Hand cut fried and homemade ketchup round out the meal. My sons had this too. Fish taco, salmon sandwich and the three kiddos sliders were also part of our order. Eight of us ate (two drank the craftbeer) for about $120, which also included two appetizers. 

Great food, great beer and great prices. It's worth the trip to Perryville for Mary Jane Burgers and Brew Company.

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