Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wrestling with Logic: Ambrose Asylum

Ambrose Asylum
Courtesy: WWE
By Chad Smart
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Last week I started what was supposed to be a weekly installment called “Yelling at Clouds.” I didn’t have anything to yell about this week other than the sad state of the USA Presidential election. Since we try to be apolitical here at My 1-2- 3 Cents, I didn’t think those were wise waters to swim. So I decided to make a slight change and going forward Wednesdays will be the day to Wrestle with Logic. Kevin and I often vent about the lack of logic in wrestling so this only made sense.

One of my biggest issues with WWE is the fact they can’t tell a cohesive story for more than two weeks without contradicting themselves. Add in stipulations that often get tossed to the side when they’re no longer convenient, I get the impression WWE books each show as an individual show instead of serialized episodic television.

The Shield
Courtesy: WWE
During Monday’s episode of RAW, Michael Cole announced next week the special guests on the Ambrose Asylum would be Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Roman Reigns. This makes sense as Rollins and Reigns are fighting six nights later at Money In the Bank and all three comprised the Shield for two years before Rollins dissolved the group by attacking Reigns and Ambrose. Will the tension between the three men be thick enough to cut with a knife? Will Rollins try to weasel his way out of getting into the ring? Will the crowd boo Roman and cheer Seth? Will Ambrose have potted plant Mitch Jr. as set decoration? These are just some of the questions I have. The biggest question however is, why is the Ambrose Asylum back?

On the May 2 episode of RAW, Stephanie McMahon was a guest on the Ambrose Asylum. After some harsh questions from Dean Ambrose, Stephanie announced she was cancelling the Asylum talk show and replaced it with Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel. So why, on a night Stephanie was running RAW by herself due to Shane McMahon being on vacation, is the Ambrose Asylum returning?

Going back to what I said at the beginning, since Ambrose and Jericho were feuding at the time it made sense for Steph to cancel the Asylum and replace it with the Highlight Reel in order to generate a fight between Dean and Chris. A month later, with two members of the Shield feuding for the WWE Championship and Dean having the potential to win Money in the Bank giving him the opportunity to challenge the WWE Champ at any time, it makes sense to have the Ambrose Asylum. Even though doing so contradicts the events of four weeks prior.

Bringing back the Ambrose Asylum isn’t as intelligence insulting as letting Shane McMahon have control of RAW after losing to Undertaker at WrestleMania 32. It does highlight the problem of no long-term booking. Simple solution would have a segment on RAW where Teddy Long suggested the Asylum interview and Stephanie stole it as she did his idea for the Fatal Four Way Tag Title match.

Two minutes to logically explain why the return of the Ambrose Asylum is happening next week. Why is WWE seemingly incompetent when it comes to basic storytelling? Why am I fan who expects simple logic in a pre-determined sport? I should just accept WWE for being WWE. Now if you’ll excuse me, the sky is getting cloudy.

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