Tuesday, June 21, 2016

But first, let me take a selfie

On the 7 Dwarves rollercoaster at Disney World
By Kevin Hunsperger
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June 21 is known as National Selfie Day. It's a real thing, trust me. Good Morning America celebrated by having correspondent Sara Haines snapping as many selfies as possible with people. They reached 1,177. According to GMA, The Rock holds the record for the most selfies in the shortest amount of time. The former WWE Superstar took 105 in three minutes. For those who don't do math, that's 35 a minute. 

The Rock layin' the smack down on selfies
Some people hate selfies and in turn will probably not even have made it this far into the post. I however have no problem with people who take pictures of themselves. It's become a part of society. Is it a good thing? Probably not. Is it narcissistic? Probably so. But is it fun? Yes. Does it make the person snapping the pic feel good? Yes. Then why do we care?

I'll admit there are some situations where a selfie probably isn't necessary. I don't judge those who do it, but I wouldn't take one at a cemetery, funeral home or other place to honor lost lives; like the 9-11 Memorial in New York. I understand why some people might though. We want to prove to the world we've been places and experienced things. 

Ellen's selfie
Ellen's selfie from the Oscars a couple years ago is still the most shared one on social medial. Gone are the timed camera shots of everyone trying to squeeze in or simply having one person left out of the photo so they can take it. Now we have selfie sticks and other devices to help in the process. Heck there's even a song about selfies and a now-defunct TV show. Here are some of my favorite selfies. (Go ahead and call me an egomaniac).  

Beach selfie

Newsroom selfie

Cigar smokin' selfie

Top of 30 Rock selfie

Sometimes I'm in other's selfies

Even when getting beaten up, there's time for a selfie

Thumbs up selfie

The rare triple selfie

Golfin' selfie

Up on a ladder selfie

Hangin' out in Pigeon Forge, TN selfie

No Dave, but we have a selfie

Inflatable 5K selfie

Merry Christmas selfie 

Running selfie

Magic Kingdom selfie

Craftbeericans on location selfie

Big family selfie

Santa selfie (he told me I was good)

Team No Sleep selfie 

Double J: Jeff Jarrett selfie 

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