Sunday, June 19, 2016

Our picks for a brand extension

By Kevin Hunsperger & Chad Smart
With WWE on the verge of separating RAW and SmackDown into two different brands with completely different rosters, reports are saying WWE has started contacting previous employees to gauge interest in possibly returning to the company. We've been thinking about who is available and have come up with some names we'd like to see return.

The only criteria we used is none of the names, to our knowledge, is signed to another promotion. That eliminated Jeff Hardy, Johnny Nitro and a few others. 

These names are in no certain order. 

Kevin's picks:

1) Colt Cabana. I know this will likely never happen, but letting Colt come in as Colt and not some other persona would be entertaining. Plus it would fuel the "We want Punk" chants. 

2) DH Smith. I know he works with NJPW, but I'd really like to see this third generation star back in WWE. He was released way too soon and has a ton of potential. Of course if Tyson Kidd is able to return a Hart Dynasty reunion would be epic. 

3) Jim Cornette. As I blogged about with the return of Paul Ellering, WWE needs more managers. Some of them can be new talent that's cultivated to manage, but there needs to be a few established managers to help lead the way. I'd pair Cornette up with The Revival on NXT or make a serious team out of Breeze-Dango with Corny as their captain.

4) Kharma. I've wanted to see her back in a WWE ring since right after her departure several years ago. With the WWE's renewed effort on women's wrestling, Kharma would bring another dimension to the division.

5) Curt Hawkins. Underrated and underused during his stint before. He's a solid performer who could become a third member of the Hype Bros. if WWE is looking to build more stables.

Chad's picks:
Mike Knox. While his initial run in WWE wasn’t that memorable, I think Knox showed more potential during his run in TNA. 
Nunzio. If the upcoming Cruiserweight Tournament leads to a re-established cruiserweight division, Nunzio would be a great hand to work with younger Superstars. 
MVP. Montel Vontavious Porter was supposed to join Lucha Underground’s second season. Issues over having one of LU’s talent on his podcast led to him being released from the company before making his debut. 
Carlito: While the Shining Stars are in Puerto Rico, maybe they can find Carlito and bring him back with them. This may be the only way to get fans interested in the team. 
Trevor Murdoch: Trevor has been a regular in Harley Race’s promotion since leaving WWE. Murdoch is another talent that I feel didn’t get to show his true potential the first time around. 

As for the two names I don’t want to see return, I know many will probably disagree. Both these guys are past their “use by” dates. 
Goldberg: I know several people were hoping for his return at WrestleMania 32, but has anyone really missed him in the twelve years he’s been gone? 
Kurt Angle: Couldn’t tell you the last Kurt Angle match that wasn’t a chore to watch. Angle may still be able to go but his matches are all the same and it’s probably in his best interest to not be wrestling on a full time schedule.
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