Sunday, June 12, 2016

'Happy ever after' does exist

My parents
By Kevin Hunsperger
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June 12, 1971 two kids in their early 20s walked the aisle and said "I do." Less than two years later they welcomed an amazing baby boy into the world. That baby boy is me.  But I digress...

My parents first met at age 10 while growing up in St. Louis. They were neighbors and school mates and eventually started dating. They got married after my dad returned to the United States after being in Korea while in the Army. They showed my brother and I the importance of unconditional love. I always knew my parents loved me, believed in me and supported me no matter how obnoxious I was being.

Christmas 2015
After 45 years of marriage, they've set an example for us. My wife and I just celebrated 19 years of wedded bliss. We've been together 24 years. My brother and his wife have been married 15 years. My parents have five grandkids who they love more than life itself. Their patience, love and understanding not only with each other, but their family is something we should all aspire to attain someday.

I just wanted to use today's post to honor the love and commitment my parents made to each other 45 years ago and remind the world that there are still plenty of loving and caring people out there.

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