Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Streaking into June

Selfie break with the Big Muddy Monster
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I promise there will be no nudity in this post.  That's not the streaking I'm talking about.  I've had plenty of ups and downs with Operation Find My Abs through the years.  In fact, I'm still looking.  I'm hoping 2016 is the year I finally get into better shape (and round doesn't count).

May started off with the launch of a running streak for me.  I have run at least one mile every day since then.  I racked up just over 75 miles for the month.  The Yellow Donkey running group I'm a member of is the source of inspiration for this streak.  I blogged before about losing my passion for running after I completed my first marathon in October.  I'm not ready for another long distance race, but I am gradually regaining my love for the sport.

Another streak I started is the #22KILL push-up challenge.  I wrote about it the other day, so I won't repeat myself.  But I will say this is an important streak because it's raising awareness about veteran suicide.  Plus it's another way to get in some extra exercise.

I've also started a planking challenge.  It's a 30 day thing, but there are rest days involved. This is another one courtesy of those crazy running donkeys.  I know I'm not going to sculpt abs of steel with this, but the challenge will help in the process. One other streak I've started is a blogging streak.  You're reading this, so it must be working.  Actually I have seen some growth on the page as a result of the consistent content.

Other things I did in May, I was hit or miss with the gym over the course of the month.  My eating habits were pretty good, but I still have an out of control sweet tooth some days. I haven't had a soda (I'm addicted to Vanilla Coke Zero) since the end of April.  I'm not going to lie, I will resume the soda drinking but just one day a week.

My hope for June is that these healthy streaks start having a visual impact on the task at hand, which remains finding at least a trace of my abs. 

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