Monday, November 7, 2011

Who's Bad?

The Future (IMO) from WWE
By Kevin Hunsperger
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I'm working on a fantasy blog on how I'd book the 2011 Survivor Series and in making these 5 on 5 elimination matches, I've discovered, or maybe rediscovered something.  The WWE is really lacking right now in the heel department.

Right now the company is crawling with big name faces.  Now that the Rock is coming back, at least temporarily and the return of Triple H to the roster, the WWE could really use some high profile heels now.  Add John Cena, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Sheamus, and the Big Show to the list of top faces.  On the heel side, really Mark Henry is the biggest star on the dark side.  And he's been around for more than 15 years now.  The WWE is trying hard to push the Miz and R-Truth as top heels along with Alberto Del Rio, but at this point, I still don't think these guys hold a candle to the star power of the Rock, Cena, Orton, or Triple H.

It appears they're also grooming the likes of Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, and Cody Rhodes, but again at this point, there are no legitimate threats in my opinion to those big stars on the face side of things.  I'm also assuming that Brodus Clay is going to return to some kind of push.  At least that's how it appears from the vignettes we're seeing with him.  And I'm cool with that.  I've always talked before about the need for that big monster heel type. 

So as we head into the Survivor Series, which is in my view the true start on the road to Wrestlemania, can we expect some changes?  Will John Cena finally turn heel?  Is it necessary?  I think there needs to be at least one heel turn from one of the big stars.  But more importantly, the WWE needs to focus on guys like Ziggler, Barrett, and Rhodes so it's more believeable when these guys get a shot at the main event.  Same goes for current WWE champion Del Rio and former champs, the Miz and Chrisitan.

Evan Bourne pins Chris Jericho (from WWE)
Another thought bringing back someone like Chris Jericho.  I love Chris, but I think bringing him into the mix as a top contender again might not be the best idea.  I felt like in his last run with the WWE, he did a great job putting over the younger talent.  He'd be great in that role as a mentor and heck, I think even as a manager.  I know Kevin Nash will presumably have another go, albeit a brief one, at least I hope.  But again, these are guys who need to be preparing the next group of superstars to carry the torch.

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