Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wakka, Wakka, Wakka, You Know It

A stretch Stu Hart would be proud of.
By Kevin Hunsperger
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The Halloween episode of Raw did not disappoint in my opinion as far as the Muppets being a part of the show.  I have marked out for the Muppets longer than I have wrestling, so of course this show had my attention.  I thought the segments were nicely done.  Loved it all.  Yeah, I know it was more entertainment than sport, but it was all done in fun.  Sometimes you need that.  And I think the wrestlers had a good time doing it too.  At least it seemed like it from their performances.

Shut this man up...
That being said, the rest of the show had me scratching my head at times.  I've heard that the show was going long and that's why they scrapped the Michael Cole Challenge.  That was the one thing they kept pushing, and it ended up on the sidelines.  So now we'll get at least another week of Cole burying wrestling broadcast legend Jim Ross.  I really hope that JR wins this thing and takes Cole out of the announce booth. I've said it before, I'll say it again.  Cole would make a great antagonistic manager.

I'm really curious to see where they're going with Zack Ryder.  He's pinned Dolph Ziggler several times now, and I really think Dolph is one of the best things going today.  I still don't think these recent jobs will hurt him though.  I expect Ziggler to win any future title match between the two and go on to feud with Mason Ryan.  Then I'd like to see Ziggler win the Royal Rumble.  There, I made an early pick for the Rumble.  I know that will change in the coming weeks.

Costume battle royal
Didn't Eve just have a title shot against Beth Phoenix?  And speaking of the Divas, they need to stop releasing the likes of Maryse, Melina, and Gail Kim.  No offense to the girls in that battle royal last night, but it was clear they were in there more for eye candy than anything else (most of them anyway).  Kharma, please have a healthy baby and get back as soon as you can.

I'm disappointed to hear about Evan Bourne's suspension.  Since I don't know all the details, I'm not going to harp on him.  But whatever the case is with Evan, I hope that he takes care of the issue and returns to the ring healthy.  I'm not sure yet what to think of the pairing of Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes.  Not sure if this is the start of a new thing, or just a one time shot.  Time will tell as they say.

Not a good night for Del Rio
Another Raw, another burial of the champion.  Not only did Alberto Del Rio lose his match against the Big Show, but CM Punk came out and made him look like a chump too.  Way to make your champion look strong.  By the way, why oh why aren't they promoting any 5 on 5 tag team matches at Survivor Series.  It was the whole basis of the pay per view 24 years ago.  *Sigh*

You can't scare me
The question that everyone seems to be asking, why does John Cena need the Rock as a partner at Survivor Series after he took care of the Miz and R-Truth on his own essentially as Raw ended.  Good question.  He doesn't.  But the WWE needs to do something to lead us to Wrestlemania.  The road to Mania always starts at the Survivor Series.  It'll be interesting to see what happens.  There will likely be a  swerve and the heels will get the win, but I'm just guessing.  I'll write more in depth on that after the Rock tribute show (which didn't they do that back in May?)

It's not easy being green...
I think I covered most of the things I wanted to.  Again, loved the interaction between the superstars and the Muppets, especially with Vicki Guerro, Jack Swagger, Miss Piggy, and Kermit.  I also loved the banter between Waldorf and Statler and Cody Rhodes "bagging" Kermit.  Classic.

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