Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The (R) Truth Hurts

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By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger on Twitter

The November 21, 2011 episode of Raw ended with somewhat of a surprise, in my opinion.  The team of R-Truth and the Miz came to a skull crashing halt.  Early the next morning, it was revealed that R Truth has been suspended for 30 days due to his first Wellness Policy violation.

Of course I'm all for the suspension.  If Truth violated the rules of the company, he should have to pay the consequences for that.  What I don't understand is what is the point of splitting up yet another WWE tag team.  While I doubt Awesome Truth was ever going to win the tag team gold, it was nice to have a heel unit working together.  They could have at least been contenders for the titles and helped beef up a still understaffed division.

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Instead now, the Miz has attacked his partner.  Even though the WWE has reported the suspension online, I would guess that the storyline will play out that R-Truth is MIA due to the SCF on the entranceway.  And I know I should wait the 30 days before speculating, but one would assume with the manner he was taken out, that R-Truth will come back as a face and/or feud with the Miz.  Ugh.  I think the smartest thing the WWE ever did with Ron Killings was turn him heel.  He plays that role much better.  The singing, dancing, jolly R-Truth was lame and made me change the channel.  But the paranoid, egocentric, "Lil' Jimmy" hatin' heel was excellent in my view.  He may never be world champ, but I could see the heel Truth as more of an upper card guy than the face version.

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But again, we don't know what's going to happen so I don't want to complain too much.  However, why not just have John Cena take him out?  Or the Rock could have done the honors Sunday night at Survivor Series.  Now I feel like the company has painted themselves in a corner with an assumed face turn for Truth.  I know they could just bring him back as a heel and not aligned with the Miz anymore.  But I really enjoy these two together and loved their "You Suck" song.

Okay, enough complaining.  Let's see where we end up in the 30 days.  I hope Truth gets the help he may need (if he does) while he's suspended and fixes whatever it was that caused him to get into trouble. What do you think about the suspension and the attack by the Miz?  Weigh in here or head over to Facebook or Twitter and let us know.

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