Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chikara: High Noon Hard Sell

By Chad Smart
@chadsmart on Twitter

Okay, for the last two weeks I’ve been trying to present you with reasons why you should order Chikara’s first Internet Pay Per View High Noon. I’ve tried to reason with you and show you what makes Chikara different from other wrestling promotions.  I’ve tried to be politically correct and not bash other promotions in the attempt to make Chikara look better. Today, I’m taking off the gloves. I’m not playing nice anymore.

There are two major Pay Per View options besides Chikara this month. In fact there’s a Pay Per View that starts either right after Chikara ends or shortly before Chikara’s show will be over. That Pay Per View costs at least twice as much as High Noon. I’m talking about TNA’s Turning Point. Now, I haven’t watched any TNA programming since last month’s Bound for Glory show. I have read the results of Impact each week and honestly, if you think giving TNA your money is a better way to spend it than you’re either a glutton for disappointment or your last name is Carter.

I feel bad for all the young talent on TNA’s roster. I would like to support them but after the disappointing finish of BFG only to have TNA change World Champions twice in three weeks to get to the same point they would have been at with Bobby Roode winning the title on a show people paid to see, why would I want to spend more money on a show that is lower on the importance ladder than the weekly TV show? I’ll admit Turning Point has a decent card but there are no matches that I feel are must see. Plus, I’m willing to bet there will be at least 2 or 3 segments on the show devoted to Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and Eric’s son Garrett. Even if those segments end up not happening, TNA’s track record has taught me to expect them. If I’m going to pay for a wrestling show, I want the focus to be on the wrestling. Save the talking for TV.  Not only sure they save the talking for TV, the talking should be between guys who are building to a match. While there are rumors a Hogan/Eric vs. Garrett/Sting match is in the works, does anyone outside of TNA management actually want to see it?  In contrast, unless they do something different than the norm 95% of High Noon should be devoted to wrestling.

Next Sunday there’s another Pay Per View. One with a little more prestige and a big return to wrestling. WWE presents the 25th Survivor Series. I know a lot of people are excited to see The Rock return to wrestling. To be honest, I don’t think I could be any less interested. I was never a huge Rock fan and I think Rocky has already worn out his welcome.  If he hasn’t, after Monday Night Raw’s tribute to the Rock 3 hour show I’m pretty sure he’ll be wearing thin. How many times do you have hear, “Finally the Rock la la la!” Or, “It doesn’t matter.” How about, “John Cena, you’re a fruity pebble.” Then when it comes to paying for Survivor Series, do you really want to shell out $45 to see Rock punch, punch, kick, punch, spit on his hand and slap his opponent, worst looking Sharpshooter in wrestling, punch, kick, Rock Bottom, People’s Elbow? YAWN!

We’re one week away from what used to be one of the biggest shows of the year in the WWF Universe and in addition to Rock/Cena vs. Awesome Truth the only announced matches are Mark Henry vs. Show (a rematch from last month’s Pay Per View), Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk (how many times have they fought in the last three months?) and Team Orton vs. Team Barrett. I’d venture another two matches will be added by the end of Raw. Of course they will most likely be filler matches. What it comes down to, in my view, is WWE expects you to pay $45 for the opportunity to see The Rock wrestle. Then in 4 ½ months you can pay $60 to see Rock wrestle again. What a deal.

Then you have High Noon. $15 is all it costs. That’s less than a movie, popcorn and a soda in most cases. Guessing at least 3 ½ hours of some of the best wrestling you’ll see. That includes the FREE preshow featuring Jigsaw vs. El Generico. The main event is a match to crown the first Grand Champion. That match will be the first one on one meeting between Mike Quackenbush and Eddie Kingston. While the other PPVs can claim they are history-making affairs, High Noon actually will be historical.

In addition you’ll see a group of wrestlers getting their first chance to make an impression in front of a large audience. I will be surprised if any of them hold back or mail in their performances. If you’re not familiar with the wrestlers before the show, after the show you’ll be demanding to see more of them. I can almost guarantee it.

I was actually going to issue a challenge where if you buy the show and don’t think Chikara presents a better show than TNA or WWE, I would personally refund your money. Then I got to thinking and I might be surprised at how many people would take me up on the offer and there is no way I can actually prove you like the show. So I’ll issue a different type of challenge. Take a chance on Chikara if you aren’t familiar with them. $15 is not that much to try something new. If you aren’t impressed or don’t feel you got your money’s worth out of High Noon, let me know what disappointed you. And please do it in an intelligent manner. If you can convince me I steered you wrong and betrayed the trust Kevin and I have tried to establish with My123Cents, I will work out some manner of repentance with you. On the flip side, if you took a chance on Chikara because of this blog series, I would like a thank you for introducing you to the best wrestling promotion in America.

Chikara’s High Noon iPPV is available at Go Fight Live TV. The show starts at 4pm EST and will be available on the website for on demand viewing, I believe 24 hours after the show ends. So if you can’t watch on Sunday, you can watch later in the week whenever it’s convenient for you. 

If you’re watching and want to share your thoughts, head over to our Facebook or Twitter pages. I’m curious to hear your feedback. 

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