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Night of Champions Thoughts

By Chad Smart
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What a difference two months can make. When the Money in the Bank pay per view rolled around, I was so eager to watch the show, I was even considering bribing friends to let me order the PPV. Last night was Night of Champions. A show I only ended up watching because I was home trying to rest a sore throat. Overall, I kind of wished I hadn’t seen the show because it was the epitome of everything wrong in today’s WWE.

Before I get into thoughts, I must admit I didn’t watch most of the first half of the show. I was in and out of consciousness so I mainly listened to the show. So instead of basing this review on how good the wrestling was, I’m going to base it on the outcomes and how I feel about the way the show went down.

Miz loses his temper, then the match
First up was the Tag Title match between Air Boom and Awesome Truth. The first red flag for a bad show went up early with Michael Cole saying the tag titles had been held by such great teams as Edge and Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho and Big Show and DX. Booker T then commented he was one half of a great tag team, Booker and Goldust. Yep, forget great teams like the Hart Foundation, Money Inc or The Quebecers, in the WWE universe the only good teams are two guys thrown together. (Aside, who was the last actual tag team to hold the tag titles? Hart Dynasty?) Well, and DX of course. I wasn’t thrilled with the DQ finish but feel if WWE really wants to build up the tag ranks, Air Boom should hold the titles for a few months.

Trivia question, what was the last pay per view Ted DiBiase had a match at and whom did he fight? Seriously, I don’t know. Ted being thrown onto Night of Champions 48 hours before the show didn’t give me much hope that he would actually win the I-C title. Again, I feel Cody Rhodes needs to hold the I-C title for a few months to give the title some meaning.

I didn’t see any of the US title match so I’m not going to comment on it.

The Glamazon dominates, but K2 wins

Skipping to the Diva’s match, I was surprised to see Kelly Kelly retain again. I felt the ending was very similar to the SummerSlam match, which kind of hurt the match in my eyes. But much like their SummerSlam match, I think Beth either brings out the best in Ke2 or Kelly Kelly has really improved over the last couple of months. Either way, I think if WWE could learn to have more than one Diva storyline at a time, there is a lot of potential in the Diva roster.

I only caught the end of Mark Henry/Randy Orton match. I was very happy to see Mark Henry win the title. Part of the reasoning is because I find Orton very boring to watch and think Mark Henry’s recent push of destroying people to be very entertaining. Going back to the running theme of this review, what I’d like to see is Mark to get a lengthy title run to really cement his dominance. I know the odds of this happening are about 2%, but I’d really like to see Mark destroy guys left and right all the way to Wrestlemania then have Daniel Bryan challenge and win the title. It could be a good David vs. Goliath match up. And let’s face it, when has the Smackdown title match been a big selling point of Wrestlemania. With Cena/Rock on the card, I have a feeling Wrestlemania will be pushed as a one-match show.  Though, I won't be surprised to see Randy Orton win the title back at either the Smackdown taping or the Hell In A Cell pay per view in two weeks. 

Super Cena prevails
John Cena regained the WWE title. Why? Why? Why?  WWE has spent the last year building up Alberto Del Rio’s destiny to be WWE champion. Del Rio wins the Royal Rumble only to lose at Wrestlemania. Then Del Rio wins Money In The Bank, cashes in the briefcase to win the title in the typical “champion is already beat down and tired” fashion and gets put right into a program with John Cena. Even though I’m still not on board the Alberto Del Rio bandwagon, I was hoping WWE would use this as a way to solidify Alberto’s meteoric rise to the top. Instead we get the status quo and once again John Cena is champion. I understand he sells a lot of merchandise and is the face of the company, but would any of that really change if he doesn’t have 20 pounds of gold around his waist?

Awesome Truth gets involved

Now we get to the main event. A match so ridiculously overbooked even Jeff Jarrett said, “This match is overbooked.”  Lets forget the match and just examine the ending sequence of events. Awesome Truth run in and attacks both CM Punk and Triple H. After laying both men out, R-Truth pulls Punk on top of Trips for the pin.  After Trips kicks out, Awesome Truth attack the referee knocking him out of the ring. Johnny Ace comes down to ringside and motions for a new referee. Triple H pedigrees Punk and covers for the pin. Ace prevents the new referee from making a count. Punk gives Triple the Go To Sleep and covers for the win. R-Truth pulls Punk out of the ring. Kevin Nash lumbers in from the crowd complete with spotlight and cameraman shooting his “surprise” entrance. I stop caring. 

He's back...
Triple H goes on to win the match and I’m still trying to figure out the logic behind the decision. Does this mean Trips is done wrestling again so he can be COO? If so then the hottest star in WWE got treated like a punk. Will there be a rematch? If so, how many times will Triple H wrestle before the Board strips him of his COO position? Why did R-Truth try to get Punk the victory then pulls him out of the ring three minutes later? Who is Awesome Truth working for? What ramifications will this have on the Triple H, Johnny Ace working relationship?  These are questions I think WWE wants fans to ask and care about, but I don’t care. I just want to know why CM Punk was sacrificed at the alter of Hunter. I know others are saying, well it took two pedigrees and a power bomb to pin Punk so he wasn’t buried. I say we won’t know for sure until Raw tonight and see how Punk is presented.

Overall the only real positive to come out of Night of Champions was Mark Henry, World Champion. One last comment, can someone please get Booker T out of the broadcast team. Or at least give me the Spanish announcers audio for future shows?

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for another Cena championship run? Do you think Triple H should have won? Do you know the last pay per view to feature Ted DiBiase? Share you comments on Facebook or Twitter

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