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Getting Pushy

Triple H lays down the law (
By Kevin Hunsperger
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This is going to be a quick write up about Monday Night Raw from 9/26/11.  I have to say, while the show did little to get me to order the Hell in the Cell pay per view, I did like what I saw.  Mark Henry continued to dominate as world champion.  It's good to see a fresh face at the top of the heap (even though Henry has been around 15 years, you know what I mean.)

Mason Ryan returns
Some other developments that happened that I enjoyed:  Zack Ryder enjoyed some more time in the spotlight.  Not only did the Internet Champion have one match on Raw, he had two.  He was 50/50, losing his U.S. title bid against Dolph Ziggler, but winning the 6 man tag match for his team.  Of course he had some help from Mason Ryan.  I'm not totally on board the Ryan train, but I do enjoy the fact that there's another fresh face out there getting some camera time.  I'll be curious to see where that match leads us.  All six men involved have great futures in the WWE.  I hope this trend continues.

A new group? (
Another development I liked from Raw is the work they're doing with David Otunga.  He's been a part of the company for more than a year now, and kind of lost in the shuffle.  It seems (at least as of right now) that they're letting him be himself and flex some mental muscle too.  Otunga has a law degree and is a bright guy.  I like where they're going with this angle, again it's something I hope the creative team has a plan for and it's not totally dropped.  I do however miss the fact that he and Michael McGillicutty were a tag team.  I'm curious to see if this group filing the suit will join forces with Kevin Nash, the Miz, and RTruth.  Of course, I'm probably putting the cart way before the horse here.

Cody lays the smackdown on Raw.
Cody Rhodes prevailing in the battle royal was another notch on his belt.  Sheamus looked strong, despite being eliminated.  And we got another look at the two Sin Caras.  Admittedly though, I wish they would have let the Daniel Bryan feud play out before bringing back the original.    But Cody in my opinion is a future world heavyweight champion.  I like the slow buildup they've done with him.  He has certainly come a long way since the Legacy days.  Keep up the good work with the development of his character.

Face plant, coming up!
Hopefully the third time is the charm for Beth Phoenix and she wins the gold at HITC.  But all four divas looked good in the match.  Kelly Kelly has come a long way since arriving in the WWE, and I have nothing negative to say about Beth or Natalya.  Eve had a good showing too and sold that face plant pretty well.

Like I said, this is quick.  With SmackDown being a supershow as well, maybe they'll do more to sell us on Sunday's PPV.  But even if they don't, I'm convinced that the creative team is at least starting to acknowledge there is more talent on the roster than John Cena, Randy Orton, and CM Punk.  And I'm not discrediting those guys, Punk remains one of my favorites.  I just think developing the next generation is long overdue.

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