Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Up? What's Up?

"Bobby Heenan" knows "What's up?"
By Kevin Hunsperger

Sorry for not posting this sooner, but what are you gonna do?  Monday night, besides Edge announcing his retirement, another shocker happened.  R-Truth was named co #1 contender to the WWE championship and is heading to the main event at Extreme Rules next month.

When this happened, I must say I was shocked by the development.  I really had hoped that either Dolph Ziggler or John Morrison would have been the one to win that match on Raw Monday night.  Let me explain why I don't think Truth should be in the title hunt.

First, he's rarely a part of the show.  During Alberto Del Rio's push, he was simply used several times to put the SmackDown! star over.  He wasn't even on the Wrestlemania card, now he's facing the Miz (and John Cena) for the WWE title.  Speculation is he's just a prop that will be used to take the fall so Cena doesn't have to lose two pay per views in a row.  To quote the Miz, "really?"  Of course, this is just Internet speculation, so who knows what's really up.  Pardon the pun...

I'm not going to hate on Truth.  He does have a following.  My son (he's only 9, so give him a break) says R-Truth is his 3rd favorite wrestler behind Rey Mysterio and Triple H.  Again, the kid's only 9...

During our usually Tuesday morning booker discussion, the My 1-2-3 Cents gang noted the fact that Truth still came out skipping and singing during what should have been a more serious moment of everyone stating their case as to why they should be the #1 contender.  At least Truth got the city they were in correct.  Maybe I shouldn't dis him so much.  He isn't that bad of a worker, I just find his gimmick completely annoying.

And I know he had some success in TNA as a member of 3Live Kru and had a run as the NWA-TNA champion a couple of times.  I never realized he was the U.S. champion.  How did I miss that one?

I'll end on this note.  While I'm glad we're not getting a total rematch from Wrestlemania with Cena and the Miz, I just don't feel R-Truth is the guy who should be in the main event.  My hope is they have bigger plans down the road for John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler.  And I hope the rumors that Morrison is being punished for "snubbing" Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 27 are bogus.

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