Friday, April 22, 2011

SmackDown! Thoughts

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By Kevin Hunsperger

Admittedly, these thoughts are incomplete as we are experiencing a major storm here in St. Louis and I've lost the satellite signal.  I'd been watching the show for about an hour when we lost the signal.  At least we still have power so I can share some thoughts up to this point.

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio:  I thought Cody's promo prior to the match was really good.  I think this feud with Rey is going to put Cody on the map.  Actually it already has.  I hope they continue to feature him as a player on the roster.  His win over Rey at Mania has catapulted him into the spotlight as far as I'm concerned.  I have really enjoyed this program.  The paper bags being handed out added something extra to Cody's persona. 

I wasn't necessarily crazy about them giving away a match I'd just paid hundreds of dollars to watch in Atlanta 3 weeks ago, but that seems to be the trend with WWE.  Watch it on pay per view and then get it on Raw or SmackDown! for free in the weeks that follow.  I've come to accept it, I just don't like it.

It was a good match between the two, and while I wished Cody would have won again, I was impressed with the beatdown on Rey after the match.  Again, it's one of the more interesting angles going on either show right now.

Big Show & Kane Reign Supreme...Again: Not crazy about the hot potato nature of the WWE tag team titles, but I've spent plenty of time complaining about the tag team ranks in the WWE.  At least Kane and the Big Show have teamed before and held the belts too.  So I'm not as bothered by this pair winning the gold again.  It's not like an odd pairing of Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes last year.  Yeah, remember that?  But they're teasing a Corre breakup, which I'm sure is down the road, just like all teams these days. I'm just curious to see what will happen with Kane and the Big Show on May 19th.  Ten bonus points if you get that one...

Lame Cool, I Mean LayCool Splits: Like I just mentioned, the WWE has something against keeping any kind of team or unit together for more than 18 months or so.  Personally, I thought Michelle McCool and Layla were kinda annoying, but in a good way.  They were the best heel tandem in the Divas division.  Actually, maybe the best heel team in the entire WWE.  There was something there that I enjoyed, but despised.  Does that make sense?  I can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't matter as it appears the two are through.  I predict Layla ends up the Jannetty of the group and will be in TNA before the end of the year.

King Cole?:  Michael Cole is clearly a heat magnet.  He's probably the most hated man in the WWE right now.  I'm not sure that's a good thing though.  I will say this, again.  After Extreme Rules, he needs to leave the announce team and become a full fledged manager.  He and Swagger make a great manager/wrestler unit.  That's been shown in the last few weeks.  But here's what I didn't like about tonight.  The entire match with Swagger and Trent Barretta (who pulled his tooth out before the match) the announce team (lead by Cole) focused on what Cole and Swagger did to Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross on Raw earlier in the week.  I hate it when the announcers can't/don't focus on the match and tell us what's happening in the ring.  That's there job, isn't it?  I know, the modern day announcer's job is to shill the next pay per view or big show coming up.

So that's as far as I got. I'm curious to see what happens with the Alberto Del Rio's retirement party for Edge.  I'm sure it will be something to further the program with Christian.  I don't read spoilers when I plan to watch the show, so I guess I'll check out the rest in just a minute.

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