Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Feeling Drafty...

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By Kevin Hunsperger

The 2011 WWE Draft is wrapping up.  I'm not sure why, but I'm simply not overly excited about the new lineups.

The show started off with a battle royal with the winning brand getting two draft picks. SmackDown! won. I'll admit, I was watching, but also running a chat at the same time.  I saw John Cena get picked, but did they ever draft a second star to SD?

Almost immediately after Cena being draft, the folks chatting on the new My 1-2-3 Cents Blog TV page (check it out sometime) talked about how soon would Cena be redrafted back to Raw.  Before the show was over, that's exactly what happened.  Personally, I would have liked to see Cena on SD, at least for a little bit.  It would have freshened up the product.

So here it is, Superstars going to Raw:
Rey Mysterio- was hoping to see a program with Sin Cara, but as you'll read on, he's moving to SD.
Big Show- I guess it doesn't matter since the tag team titles are defended on both shows.
Alberto Del Rio- I hope this means Christian will win at Extreme Rules Sunday.
Jack Swagger-Makes sense, hope they make Michael Cole his manager.
Kelly Kelly-I love her, so I'm happy with this move.
JTG-Does it really matter?
Drew McIntyre- Really hoping they use him as an upper mid-card guy.  Has a ton of potential.
Curt Hawkins-Perhaps a reunion with Zack Ryder?
Chris Masters-Don't really care.  Sorry.
Kofi Kingston- Was hoping he'd stay on SD and get more of a push.  He'll get lost on Raw.
Tyler Reks-See Chris Masters.
Beth Phoenix- Hope they use her right.  Would love to see her and "Kharma" go at it.

Superstars going to SmackDown!:
Randy Orton-Not really that big an Orton fan.  Indifferent.  Wonder if Legacy will reunite? j/k.
Mark Henry- He's been around so long, I think we all know he'll never be "the man", but he's okay.
Sin Cara-Wanted to see a program between he and Rey. Chad mentioned more time to edit his spots.
Daniel Bryan- Really want to see him step up as one of the top faces. Could get a world title push.
The Great Khali-See Tyler Reks.
The Usos-Glad they at least brought them both.  Let's do something about the tag team division, folks.
Alicia Fox-See the Great Khali.
Yoshi Tatsu-This guy has potential, but I don't think they'll do anything with him.
William Regal-When he retires (which I've heard it's coming), I'd like to see him as a manager.
Natalya-Would've rather seen her on Raw since Beth is there, again another good opponent for Kharma.
Ted DiBiase-Please do something with this guy. Thought a Priceless reunion, but I like Cody's new act.
Tyson Kidd-Wasted potential.  He'll be a jobber.  Reunite the Hart Dynasty NOW!
Tamina-Wonder if she'll get back with the Usos, because isn't Santino on Raw?
Alex Riley-Saw this one coming.  Curious if A-Ri will excel now that he's not under the Miz's thumb.
Sheamus-Interesting, it appears SD now has the U.S. and Intercontental champs.  Curious to see what happens.

So as of 3:45 p.m. CST, the Draft appears to be over.  There were no major surprises or shakeups in my opinion.  This does freshen up the rosters somewhat.  SmackDown has a slight edge with 16 new superstars, Raw gets 12.  They needed that.  (I'm not counting the silliness of Cena being drafted twice)

I will be curious to see what happens at Extreme Rules.  At this moment, there is no U.S. or IC title matches, which would lead me to think that both champs will be on SD for now.  Unless they throw a couple of extra matches on the show against a new Raw Draft pick.  I could see Kofi beating Sheamus or Wade Barrett and going to Raw as a champ.

What do you think of the draft?  Did it shake things up?  Why didn't Zack Ryder get drafted?  Who will be "future endeavered" in the coming weeks?  Answers we'll all have to wait for I suppose.

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