Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Player to Be Named Later

By Chad Smart
I used to have one rule for watching Raw. If John Cena or Randy Orton were in the main event I usually turned the show off as the introductions were being made. After last night I’ve added a couple more rules. If R-Truth and John Morrison are cutting promos on each other, I turn the show off.  If Michael Cole gets a segment devoted to him, I turn the show off.

Sometimes I think WWE really does see how bad of a show they can put together and not lose all their fans to TNA.

The big news coming out of last nights Raw was of course, Michael Cole got knighted. This will lead to increased ratings and higher pay per view buy rates. I kid, I kid. The real news is next week’s Raw is the annual draft show. I could go on a rant about how lame the draft is since there is no real brand separation anymore. Though, Alberto Del Rio wasn’t on Raw this week so maybe I’m wrong. Instead, I’m going to look at some guys who I think will either be drafted or could benefit by switching brands.

I wonder if the draft was moved up on the calendar due to Edge’s surprise retirement. With his departure the Smackdown brand has very few main eventers. Big Show, Kane and Rey Mysterio could all be moved back up the card, but they’ve been out of the main scene for a while. Undertaker only works sporadically so he’s not really an option. And that’s about it for Smackdown. Alberto Del Rio and Christian are poised to move into the starring role, but they’re not there just yet. Hopefully WWE realizes this and instead of doing their usual purging of potential Smackdown stars they move some major players from Raw to plug the holes so to speak.

Here are the guys from Raw who I think should be moved to Smackdown.

DANIEL BRYAN: Currently lost in the mid-card of Raw. A move to Smackdown where he’d have a chance to have longer matches could help condition the crowd to accept his more mat based style.

DH SMITH: He came out at Wrestlemania wearing a cowboy hat. I don’t know if that’s part of a new gimmick or if he forgot to take it off before leaving the locker room. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I saw DH on TV.

RANDY ORTON: Smackdown needs faces and Randy is the number two face in the company now for some reason. He could easily be transitioned into a feud with Alberto Del Rio no matter if Del Rio wins the World title at Elimination Chamber or not. And if Orton goes to Smackdown, I can enjoy more of Raw.

TEDDY DIBIASE: Seriously, would anyone notice if he wasn’t on Raw?

TYSON KIDD: Same as DH Smith and Ted Dibiase. Change of scenery could help him break out.

ZACK RYDER: Zack simply needs more TV time. Why he can’t even get a backstage segment on Raw most weeks is baffling. With Chris Jericho, Carlito and MVP no longer in WWE, there should be a weekly interview segment called Zack’s Shack. Woo woo woo, you know it.

Now, Smackdown guys that should move to Raw.

DREW MCINTYRE: He most likely wouldn’t do anything more than he’s currently doing on Smackdown but it’d give a new audience a chance to ask, "who’s that?"

JTG: Why not?


TYLER REKS: He should for a team with the other three on the list and call themselves Cut Survivors. They can be ex-emo kids who overcame the affliction of cutting themselves.

Wow. I didn’t realize how bad Smackdown’s roster was. According to the profiles on, if you remove the Divas, Hornswaggle and non-wrestlers, Smackdown has 20 wrestlers. Raw has 34, if my math is correct. This draft really should be slanted towards building Smackdown. After looking at the rosters, I’m actually curious as to what’s going to happen. Who do you think should be moved from one show to the other? Who do you not want to see moved?

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