Saturday, April 9, 2011

The New Streak

With the CLTV crew in Chicago (Wrestlemania XXII)
By Kevin Hunsperger

For years, people have been talking about the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania.  In fact, many years it overshadows the title matches on the card.  The Deadman is now 19 and 0, a feat that is likely never to be matched.  But the My 1-2-3 Cents is working on that.

You see for the five Wrestlemanias that we have attended, we have been interviewed by some form of media.  And in each case the interview has never seen the light of day.  It's a streak we're proud to keep going.

Wrestlemania 22: This was our first Wrestlemania. We went all out and purchased the package deal which included the tickets to the event, Hall of Fame, an autograph session, and the Bagels, Bacon, and Biceps Brunch.  Since the brunch was on the morning of Mania, we headed to the event dressed in our costumes.  That year we were the Spirit Squad.  The look must have caught the eye of the local TV news crew (Chicago Land TV)  The reporter asked us if we'd do an interview.  So, we did and ended it with a cheer.  See, we had worked on several different cheers to impress the others with.  Apparently we didn't impress the CLTV folks, as our clip never made air.  Being a reporter myself, I know sometimes it's necessary to cut subjects from a story.  But we were truly awesome. Or so we thought.

Wrestlemania 24: After a break between Manias, Chad and I headed to Orlando.  We were lacking good ideas and dressed like Hornswoggle that year.  It was a last minute decision, and a choice we still talk about regretting.  But someone from Direct TV (I think it was Direct) thought we were interesting looking enough to talk to.  Again, we did another interview and again our 15 minutes of fame was denied.

Wrestlemania 25:  Since it was the 25th anniversary of Mania, we decided to pay homage to the first ever event.  So we dressed like Hulk Hogan and "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.  As a couple of legends, we garnered a lot of looks, and caught the eye of a crew from THQ, the company that produces the WWE video games.  I'm not exactly sure why they interviewed us, but they did.  Not sure what they did with them, but we never saw it or heard from them after it was over.

Wrestlemania 26: In 2010, Chad and I became Money Inc., and walked the streets of Phoenix before heading to the stadium for the big show.  As we were walking out, a college student stopped me to see if he could ask me some questions.  He was a reporter with the University of Arizona newspaper.  I answered he questions, and when I went back home checked the newspaper's website several times, but there was no sign of the story.  There were a couple of other writeups about Wrestelmania, but nothing after the show.  Oh well.

Wrestelmania 27:  This year our friend Travis joined us for Mania in Atlanta.  We decided to honor members of the Heenan family, circa Wrestlemania 5 as we dressed up like the Red Rooster, Bobby Heenan, and the Brooklyn Brawler.  We walked around Axxess all morning in our garb, and headed in to Spicy Town to check out the sites and of course snap into a Slim Jim.  We were approached by someone with the company (Slim Jim) and asked to do an interview.  We agreed, and stayed in character most of the time.  He told us it would appear on the SJ Facebook page, but nearly a week later, it's still not there.  So I'm officially declaring the streak alive.

So Undertaker, you may be 19 and 0.  That's great and all, but we're coming to get ya.  Long live 5 and 0...

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