Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Losing Their Edge

Edge & Christian at Wrestlemania 27
By Chad Smart

April 11, 2011 will be a day I wish could be stricken from the wrestling calendar. It started off with finding out one of my favorite wrestlers had passed away and ended with another one of my favorites had to retire due to injury. Oh, and WWE announced a Jerry Lawler/Jim Ross vs. Michael Cole/Jack Swagger tag team match as well. Was there anything good in wrestling on this day?

Seriously though.

Current WWE World Champion Edge announced his retirement during Monday Night Raw. There had been no reports during the day or even weeks prior about Edge possibly retiring.

When Raw started and Josh Matthews said Edge had a major announcement, retirement wasn’t even a thought that ran through my mind.

I’m not going to sit here and type a recap of Edge’s career. One, I’m writing this on the fly so I don’t have a cheat sheet of Edge’s accomplishments in front of me and I’d hate to get any information wrong. Two, I’m guessing there will be Edge retrospect’s on various wrestling websites in the coming days and they’ll be written by far better writers than me.

All I’m going to say is I can remember when vignettes for Edge first started appearing on WWE programming. I’ve watched him grow and mature as a wrestler and character over the last 15 years. I’ve always been impressed with Edge and enjoyed seeing him breakout of the mid-card and become one of WWE’s main event talents.

Edge heads to the ring at Wrestlemania 22
I remember at Wrestlemania 22 during Edge’s match with Mick Foley, because we were upset with Edge dropping the WWE title to John Cena three weeks after winning it from Cena, Kevin, Jeremy and I started a "should be champ" chant when they were brawling near our section. Needless to say, all the John Cena fans were not in agreement with us.

When Christian returned to WWE after a couple years in TNA, I was excited to see both an Edge and Christian tag team reunion and a possible feud over the World Title. We got a few E&C tag matches, but the feud never came. In hindsight, we Edge’s career ending as abruptly as it has, I think ending with an E&C tag match was better than ending as opponents.

It’s been a long road over the last 15 years for Edge in WWE. From the outside looking in there were more high points than low points. I had the opportunity to briefly meet Edge and get a photograph with him during an autograph signing at Wrestlemania 24. Outside of that, I don’t know Adam Copeland the person behind the Edge persona. But I would like to thank him for 15 years of memories and for sacrificing his body for my enjoyment. I hope his retirement does prevent him from any serious (or more serious) damage to his body.

Thank you Edge.

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