Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This is the Biggest Show of the Year?

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By Chad Smart

I was going to do a semi-Raw recap and debate if the segments would have made me more likely to order Wrestlemania 27 if I wasn’t already going to the event. But I was bored by the show so I guess that means the show didn’t make me anxious for Wrestlemania.

Since my original idea was ruined, I had to come up with another idea. Since this is the week leading up to Wrestlemania all my blogs will have something to do with Mania which means some of the ideas I have floating around in my head have to wait until next week to escape. With no other good ideas at the moment, I figured this is as good as any to do my Wrestlemania predictions.

Corre vs. Kane/Big Show/Koslov/Santino: Nothing like a last week addition to the biggest show of the year. This feud has been brewing on Smackdown over the last month. Has the Corre ever won any big matches? Tag team titles and I-C title matches on TV don’t count. Barring WWE actually coming up with a post-Wrestlemania plan for the Corre, expect plenty of air trombones to be played in Atlanta.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus: Sheamus just won the title last week. Can’t see him dropping the title back to Bryan this soon. I expect the Bella Twins to remember they don’t like Gail Kim, which leads to Bryan being distracted and Sheamus taking advantage to hit a big kick for the win.

LayCool/Dolph Ziggler vs. Trish Stratus/Snooki/John Morrison: Snooki with her arms raised in victory will get more press than Snooki with her shoulders on the mat. Plus Trish is from the Attitude Era so she’s a bigger star then LayCool. If Team Snookered doesn’t win expect Morrison to take the fall.

Triple H vs. Undertaker: Shawn Michaels getting involved in this match would be one of the lamest scenarios imaginable. If this is really about the last two outlaws battling for bragging rights then the match should have no distractions or interference.  On the True Story of Wrestlemania DVD Triple H says no one should beat Taker. If the streak were to end is Triple H the man who should do it? While the streak has become a major part of Mania, to my cynical view it makes Undertaker’s matches less intriguing because there hasn’t been a genuine threat to the streak since Randy Orton.  Taker will go to 19-0 at Wrestlemania, fans will go wild, and I’ll be counting the number of replica belts in the crowd.

Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio: Still don’t think Del Rio is ready for the role of top guy. Since Christian doesn’t appear to be getting added to the match, I’d like to see he and Brodus Clay handcuffed to each other to prevent outside interference, which of course would still lead to outside interference.  The Royal Rumble winner hasn’t won the title at Wrestlemania for the last 3 years. If Del Rio doesn’t win does that negate the huge push he’s gotten since showing up last year? I expect Christian to inadvertantly cost Edge the title.

Cody Rhodes vs. Rey Mysterio: This could be the show stealer if given enough time. Cody needs the win to help establish him as a potential contender. If Cody loses he should try a feud with Ted Dibiase. That would at least guarantee one of them would get a win.  Cody should pick up the victory after loading up the mask and head butting Rey.

CM Punk vs. Randy Orton: On Raw, Randy easily laid out Punk then when he went to punt Punk into the second row, Randy’s leg buckled due to the attack Punk laid on him last week. How does that make me excited for their match? Punk can’t beat up an injured man and the injured man is too hurt to stand but he’s going to wrestle. In the words of The Miz, really? Really?  Orton has punted the New Nexus back to Tampa over the last month and a half. Punk needs the win to keep the feud going. Expect Punk to get the victory after nefarious actions.

Michael Cole vs. Jerry Lawler: Probably the match with the biggest build up. What does that say about the show?  Anything less than Jerry Lawler laying a severe beating on Cole will seem like a let down. Expect Steve Austin to give Jack Swagger a Stunner and Lawler and Austin to share some Steveweisers after the match.

The Rock vs. John Cena with special corner man The Miz: Seriously, why is the Miz even showing up in Atlanta? This has all the makings to join Triple H/Chris Jericho from Mania 18 and Triple H/Randy Orton from Mania 25 as least interesting title matches at Wrestlemania.  Sure the match will have the crowd into it because they’ll be waiting for Cena and Rock to mix it up. I’ll be counting the number of kids wearing Cena gear vs. the number of adults wearing Rock gear. Miz should win, but what would Wrestlemania be without Cena standing tall with the belt at the end? I mean, besides Wrestlemania 24.

After typing this, I realize it sounds like I’m not excited for Wrestlemania. To be honest, I’m really not. I’m sure it’ll be a good show, but there’s nothing really exciting on the show. But the trip to Wrestlemania has become more about the atmosphere and spending time with friends than watching Wrestlemania. In that regards, I’m sure the weekend will be a good time. 


  1. I can't blame you for not being excited for Wrestlemania. There's not much to be really excited about. Couple matches have the potential to be good. Taker vs HHH, just to see what WWE will actually do. Cena vs. Miz with an obvious interruption by The Rock. It's not looking too promising.

  2. But i think it is promising, and matches like that are a prove of my words

  3. Expect Steve Austin to give Jack Swagger a Stunner and Lawler and Austin to share some Steveweisers after the match.

    Followed by a Stunner to Lawler. Because no one is allowed to stand tall next to Austin.