Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Last Outlaws, Royal Punishment, & Other Thoughts

Undertaker at Wrestlemania 24

 Quick recap from Monday night's Raw (2/28/11).  I liked the open with Triple H coming out and giving his reasons for challenging the Undertaker.  It made sense to me.  It was a justifiable reason and adds to the drama and emotion behind the Undertaker's streak.  My guess is that the two last outlaws will steal the show and be the main event.
Triple H at Wrestlemania 26

What I didn't like about the segment was the destroying of "King" Sheamus.  My friend Chad lays it all out in his King or Joker post from earlier.  I totally agree with everything he says.  While I was glad to see Evan Bourne return, and even pick up a key win,  I just wonder if this is more about Sheamus being punished (I'm only assuming here) or is Bourne in line for some kind of push.

Moving on to the other King, Jerry Lawler.  It's great that he's finally getting to participate as a wrestler at Wrestlemania.  But the fact that he's wrestling Michael Cole makes me sick.  And now they're dragging Jack Swagger into this mess.  I guess they've got nothing else cooking for him, so why not, right?  Swagger is another victim of being pushed too fast too soon just like Sheamus.

I'm kinda digging the set up to the Randy Orton-CM Punk feud.  But what I don't understand is why it took Punk 2 1/2 years to get revenge.  Punk is quickly growing on me and may very well be the best heel in the company right now.  While I like the Miz, Punk is more of plays that role with pure evil, while Miz is more of the guy you love to hate.  Speaking of Punk and Nexus, where is Husky Harris?  Is he still on the shelf from the "punt"?  Will he be a part of this Nexus-Orton angle?  Doesn't sound like it the way they're talking now.

I think WWE is making a mistake constantly jobbing out the Nexus guys those.  When they first started as a group, they were sold to us as an unstoppable force, beating the crap out of anyone in their way.  But you get any of them in the ring, and they're normally looking up at the lights at the end of the match.  Seems they need to work on the way they're pushing some of these guys, but again, this is just my opinion.

I hate to say this, because I am a Miz mark, but it seems like he's being overshadowed in this whole John Cena-Rock war of words.  I appreciate them bringing the Rock back to the WWE, but I think the spotlight should be on the champion, not a guy who is most likely NOT going to be wrestling again.  Does John Cena write his own material?  I just don't find him funny AT ALL.

When is Awesome Kong coming?

I think even Stevie Wonder saw the Bella Twin switch-a-roo coming.  This gimmick is wearing out its welcome.  Just sayin'...

If I was in attendance at Raw, I'd be pissed that the Rock was not there live.  Especially two weeks ago after he said "I'm back." Then they had to sit there and watch the HBK-Undertaker-Triple H package.  Who planned that?

Too much talk leads to little wrestling.  I guess that's why we had the blindsiding of Daniel Bryan too.  Here's another example of a guy being made to look like a chump.  I guess it's two fold as a way to make the Miz look strong, since Bryan is the one who beat him for the U.S. title.  Wow, Michael Cole spoke ill of the Miz, I'm impressed.  But hey, this is wrestling, I want the action in the ring.  Come on!  Shouldn't Bryan's opponent come out and stop the attack so he would have a shot at the title?  Just sayin'... (again)

No surprises with the Alex Riley-Cena match.

Overall, Raw was okay.  Again, too much talking and from guys who aren't even on the roster.  I'm curious to see where we're headed from here.  The Road to Wrestlemania has the potential to get even more interesting in the weeks ahead.  I'm going to stay optimistic that it will.


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