Sunday, March 27, 2011

Someone's Missing

Actually there are several people missing.  We’re a week away from Wrestlemania 27 and looking at the current card, there are a lot of guys, who just two months ago would have seemed like sure bets to having a match, sitting on the sidelines. I still expect one or two matches to be added before next April 3 gets here. Until those matches are actually announced lets look at the guys who as of today will be in Atlanta hanging out at Axxess and not trying to achieve their Wrestlemania moment.

THE CORRE: Wade Barrett won the Intercontinental title from Kofi Kingston on the 3/25/11 episode of Smackdown.  Why couldn’t that match have been saved for Wrestlemania? Am I wrong for thinking titles should be defended at Wrestlemania? It’s the biggest show of the year; championships should be given the spotlight in which to shine.

Speaking of championships, Justin Gabriel/Heath Slater are Tag Team Champions without challengers. I don’t know if they’re feuding with Big Show/Kane or if that’s an all encompassing Corre feud, but it’s another match that would make sense to have at Wrestlemania.

Big Zeke is also without an opponent.  There are rumors of a Corre vs. Kane/Big Show/Santino/Koslov or Kane/Big Show/Khali/Diesel match happening. I think the first option is the most likely given the history of Santino/Koslov and Gabriel/Slater.  Again I ask why hasn’t this match been made official? Granted it probably won’t lead to people who weren’t going to buy the show to changing their minds, but it would be nice to have the match given some promotion instead of just thrown out there.

NEW NEXUS: Randy Orton took care of apparently doing the job John Cena started by getting Nexus off the WWE main roster. I could write a whole piece about how WWE dropped the ball with Nexus. A Nexus vs. Corre match would have made sense with CM Punk leading the new group against their former teammates. Instead, Punk decided after two years it was time to seek revenge on Randy Orton for costing him the WWE title.

CHRISTIAN: He’s beaten the number one contender for the World Title two weeks in a row. He’s been in the mix of the Edge/Alberto Del Rio feud for the past five weeks. Why hasn’t he been added to the match in some capacity?   If he wasn’t going to be added to the match, why have him beat Del Rio?  At this point, I’d settle for Christian and Brodus Clay being handcuffed together to prevent each other from interfering.

DREW MCINTYRE: He’s the chosen one. Wait, I thought Jeff Jarrett was the chosen one?  Oh well. After a year where Drew was seemingly being set up as one of the young stars to get a chance to break through the glass ceiling and become a main eventer. That seems like a thousand years ago as he has floundered for the past few months trying to get the attention of Kelly Kelly.

KOFI KINGSTON: Kofi lost the I-C title to Wade Barrett 9 days before Wrestlemania. What could have been his best chance to get onto the show has now been lost. Unless they throw a re-match with Barrett onto the show, Kofi doesn’t have any other sensible matches to be plugged into.

ZACK RYDER: The most entertaining guy on the roster. If you don’t believe me, check out his youtube channel. Why he doesn’t get more airtime is a mystery to me.

As of this writing, that is all the B-level wrestlers still without a match at Wrestlemania. There’s always the possibility of the pre-show battle royale for these guys. Really, most of those guys should just be thankful they’ll get to be in attendance to see Snooki make her Wrestlemania debut.  

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