Monday, March 14, 2011

Show Me the Money (In the Bank)

Mr. Kennedy & Chris Jericho at Wrestlemania 24
By Chad Smart

Going to touch on a topic Kevin addressed last week. I had the idea before he posted, but due to my work schedule, social life and laziness factor I didn’t get it written up before Kevin posted his thoughts. Oh well.  Three weeks away from Wrestlemania 27 and it doesn’t appear there will be a Money in the Bank (MITB) match this year. I have mixed feelings about on this decision.

Over the past six Wrestlemanias the MITB has become a staple event that has produced numerous highlight reel moments. It has also provided an easy way to get numerous guys onto the show that didn’t have any major storyline going on at the moment. Last year WWE decided to add a MITB pay per view to their calendar. With the addition of the PPV there could potentially be three wrestlers holding MITB briefcases at the same time. Even TNA would look at that scenario and say it’s overkill. So eliminating the match from Wrestlemania is a good call from a storyline perspective. I wonder though when the decision to not have a MITB at Wrestlemania was decided.

Matt Hardy vs. Drew McIntrye at Wrestlemania 26
 Currently there are six matches for Wrestlemania announced and another three on the rumor mill. If the rumored matches happen, most of the guys who would normally be put into the MITB match will get onto the show but with the exception of one of those matches (which I won’t spoil in case you don’t know/don’t want to know, or it doesn’t happen) they are matches that are simply slapped together to round out the card. As I’ve said before, there should be no last minute additions to Wrestlemania. The full line up should have been in place by the beginning of March to allow a full month of promotion. If there was no MITB in place for Wrestlemania then guys like Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre should have gotten something resembling an angle to get them on the show. After all they are four guys the company has been behind in the last year so it was expected they’d be doing something in Atlanta besides making sure catering was set up before the show.

Besides the before mentioned idea of there being too many MITB winners, another reason why the elimination of MITB is a good idea is because without fail the United States or Intercontinental champions were usually put into the match. I know I’m more old school than the average fan these days, but I feel putting champions into the MITB match makes the titles look pointless. Theoretically the US or I-C champions should be the number one contenders to the World and WWE titles. If they were in a position to get a title match, why would they need the MITB briefcase? I mean, besides being able to name the time and place of their title match. I think at the moment there are no US, I-C or tag title matches on the card for Wrestlemania. Am I the only one who feels this is an insult to the champions? If the titles aren’t considered worthy of being defended on the grandest stage of them all, why should fans care about the titles?

Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP at Wrestlemania 25
Shifting focus back to the MITB match, I also think after six years the match had run its course. While each match had some new and innovative spots, the overuse of ladders matches in wrestling (I’m looking at you TNA) makes the matches less enthralling. Maybe instead of the MITB, they can add a championship gauntlet match to Wrestlemania.

What do you think? Should MITB be kept as a Wrestlemania attraction or should it be retired like the European title?

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  1. I LOVE MITB. I think it shud hav remained a Wrestlemania attraction. I don't like it as a pay-per-view though. Just my opinion>.<

  2. Impressive work on the essayist's part.

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