Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's Get Forked

Abdullah the Butcher looking for dinner
By Kevin Hunsperger

Holy fork!  Abdullah the Butcher is going into the WWE Hall of Fame.  I must say when I first heard Wrestlemania was going to be in Atlanta, Abdullah, Ron Simmons, and Arn Anderson became my immediate guesses as to who would be going into the HOF.  I'm glad I was right about at least one of them.

My memories of Abby are from reading about his gory, bloody matches all over the world on the pages of wrestling magazines in the 1980's.  I watched him after he signed on with World Class Championship Wrestling.  Abby was a menacing force.  400 plus pounds with a forehead that looked like a road map.

His feud with Bruiser Brody was very memorable during his days at World Class.  The two would brawl up and down the aisle, usually going to a double disqualification or countout.  At that point in his career, Gary Hart was leading the way for the Sudanese madman.

a blast from the past
Abdullah truly lived up to his violent name.  He carved his opponents up with a fork, many times hiding the object in his girth.  I remember him running across the ring and jumping into the air to deliver a crushing elbow smash on some poor jobber.  The man was fast for as big as he was.

He also wrestled a lot in Japan and of course in Puerto Rico.  When my brother and I were kids we had the AWA action figures.  Remember those?  Well, there was a Carlos Colon vs. Adbullah the Butcher two pack.  We used fake vampire blood to give Abby and Carlos the appropriate look.

I also remember his run in WCW in the early 1990's.  Who can forget him getting electrocuted in the Chamber of Horrors match at Halloween Havoc 91?  Abby wrestled both with and against Cactus Jack.  Too bad Mick Foley is in TNA now, he would have been great to induct the big man.  My guess is that Carlos Colon will do the honors.  The only other guy who would have seemed fitting to do it is the late, great Brody.

While we're in Atlanta I was hoping to check out Abby's restaurant, but a lack of time and the fact that we're not going to have a car will prevent that.  Maybe he'll be at Axxess on Sunday handing out samples.

Joey Styles mentioned in a Tweet Abby wrestled in ECW too.  I don't have any memory of that.  I'll have to do some surfin' when I'm done here.  Anyway, what do you think of the Class of 2011?  I think the addition of Abdullah just made things a lot more interesting, and I mean that in a good way!

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