Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fantasy Booker

Christian competes in MITB @ Wrestlemania 26

Alberto Del Rio may want to change up his training plan for his Wrestlemania 27 title match.  At the Elimination Chamber pay per view, Alberto attacked Edge only to have Christian come out and make the save. On the 3-4-11 Smackdown, Edge and Del Rio had the contract signing to make their match at Wrestlemania official. I’ve never understood why the contract signing comes weeks after the hype for the match has started, but that’s not important here. After putting their John Hancock’s on the contract, the patented post contract-signing brawl erupted leading to Del Rio working over Edge’s injured arm some more.  From the back, Christian once again made the save and chased Del Rio away.

There has been some speculation as to when Christian would be medically cleared to start wrestling again since he’s been out for the past few months with an injury.  On Smackdown, before the Christian run-in, it was announced he would be back next week. I don’t know if Christian’s return is in a wrestling capacity or if he was going to do a promo, but if I were a betting man, I’d say Christian will be cleared to wrestle by the time the WWE bus gets to Atlanta. This is why Del Rio may need a new game plan.

I’ve been saying since Del Rio won the Royal Rumble securing himself a title match at Wrestlemania that he is not ready for such a high profile match. Plus, with the match taking place at Wrestlemania, the match itself doesn’t have the feel of a Mania worthy match. But, with Christian wanting revenge for Del Rio putting him on the shelf and coming to Edge’s defense week after week, turning the match into a Triple Threat match could make the match more intriguing.

What I’d like to see is Christian added to the match to the chagrin of Edge. Alberto Del Rio can continue to be the cocky heel by claiming he can easily defeat two guys.  Christian would be excited at the prospect of getting revenge plus the match would be (I believe) his first World Title match in WWE.  Edge would be upset at having to defend his title in another Triple Threat match. The announcers could bring up how Edge lost his title in a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 25.  While Edge and Christian would still be friendly towards each other, there would be some underlying tension to add heat to the match.

Christian at Fan Axxess 2010
While most of they hype for the match would be about Del Rio’s destiny to become WWE champion, the end of the match would see Christian hit the Killswitch on Edge and score the pin fall to become champion. Del Rio needs some more time to secure his place as championship material. Coming out week after week in a fancy car and telling the crowd how great you are doesn’t make you a star. Del Rio may be a future champion but in my opinion, he’s not ready yet. Christian winning the title would help elevate him to the next level. Since his return from a two-year stint in TNA, the fans have wanted to see Christian in the mix at the top of the card. What better place to make him a star then at Wrestlemania?

While this is what I want to see, what I expect to happen is the Triple Threat match will happen but Del Rio will walk out victorious. Something tells me WWE hasn’t spent the last six months telling the fans Alberto Del Rio is the future only to have him come up short in his biggest match to date.  Then again, WWE did make Sheamus a two-time champion only to see him become a glorified version of SD Jones, so anything is possible. 

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