Monday, March 7, 2011

Shorely You're Kidding

By Kevin Hunsperger

Looky, looky here comes Snooki.  Okay, I picked on TNA when they signed Angelina (of Jersey Shore fame) to a contract recently.  I also picked at them when they had JWOW as a part of their show.

So not to be a hypocrite, I'm going to poke a little fun at the WWE.  They broke the news today that Snooki will guest host next week's episode of Raw.  To this news, I say ugh.

I'm a fan of the Jersey Shore.  But I believe Snooki is probably the most annoying "character" in the history of reality television.  I wonder if this is the WWE's way of taking a shot at TNA and their Jersey Shore gimmicks?  Or are they copying TNA?  At least Snooki is just a one time guest host deal.

I think Chad summed it up best, "If you're going to bring in annoying orange people, it should be Hogan." Very true.  Chad and I are both hoping that this will finally give Zack Ryder some face time on Raw.  This stuff writes itself.  Raw is in my hometown of St. Louis next week, I wish now I was going.  I do have a friend who will be there, so I'm hoping to get details from him.

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  1. BUT you have to admit, the ratings will be pretty healthy when Snooki takes to the mike.

  2. Hello from fellow professional wrestling fan!

    Check on my newly made blog where I touch on the topic of my stint in professional wrestling. Will write a full article on the career move later this week!