Saturday, March 19, 2011

Firing Up the Tag Team Division & Other SD Thoughts

Kane & the Big Show's pyro at Mania 22
By Kevin Hunsperger

Friday Night SmackDown! offered us some insight into some possible new life in the tag team division.  Kane and the Big Show reunited to take on Corre members Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.  The match didn't last long before the remaining Corre members hit the ring and ran roughshod on the faces.

I'm not sure if this is just to set up to a four on four match at Wrestlemania (I've read rumors that we're going to see that match, but it's not been confirmed) or if this is a legit reunion and a step in creating some new (or old) tag teams.  Personally,  I hope it's the reformation of the tag team.  While they may not be the greatest duo ever formed, Kane and the Big Show are seemingly lost in the shuffle now and the tag team ranks needs a make over.  Adding them back into the mix can make things interesting over the next few months.  Because lets face it, they'll probably be feuding with each other by the time Survivor Series rolls around.

I'll admit it now, I missed SmackDown! last week because I was out of town and never had a chance to catch up with it on DVR.  So I missed Cody Rhodes' promo and the fact that he's ditching the "dashing" gimmick.  I'm not so sure though why he wrestled Trent Barreta in a suit.  Seemed kinda weird to me, can't imagine it's very comfortable either.

On my DVR it was teasing the reunion of Edge and Christian against the Corre, but clearly we didn't get that.  I think they could have waited on the Christian-Alberto Del Rio match, especially since they did it in a cage.  I'm wondering where this feud goes from here.  Is it over?  Does Christian get into the World title match to create a 3 way contest (that's my hope), or does he ever get a match at all?  If he's not in the world title match, I wouldn't mind seeing him and Kofi Kingston battle it out for the Intercontinental title.  Speaking of Kofi, it seems like he's doing a lot of jobs lately.  And all of his merchandise on Shop WWE has deep discounts.  Hope this isn't a sign of something bad in his future.

I'll say it again, I'm enjoying Michael Cole doing his commentary in the "Cole Mine."  But I'd really like to see him leave the announce team and become a manager for Jack Swagger (and Alex Riley).

Is Brodus Clay the Clay Aiken of Season 4 of Tough Enough?  He finished second and he see him more than winner Johnny Curtis.  Just sayin'...

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