Wednesday, August 22, 2018

The Shield vs. Stride Pro Wrestling

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Please note: The Shield is NOT appearing at any Stride Pro Wrestling event. This is merely a FANTASY BOOKING BLOG. Thanks.

Once again, WWE fans find themselves cheering for the threesome of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The group is known as The Shield and first burst onto the WWE roster in late 2012. Of course, they've had their ups and downs and have been reunited more times than Big Show has turned heel. (I could be wrong on that.)

The most recent reunion occurred this past Monday, a day after Reigns regained the Universal Championship, Rollins recaptured the Intercontential Championship and a week after Ambrose returned from an extended injury. 

So I decided to have some fun and put together a threesome on the Stride Pro Wrestling roster to go head to head with the Hounds of Justice. If your favorite Stride trio isn't here, don't worry, I'm working on a more elaborate fantasy blog for Chikara's upcoming King of Trios. 

Heath Hatton, Ax Allwardt and Daniel Eads. Hatton and Allwardt are two-time tag team champions. Eads has impressed me since meeting him a few years ago. Together these three could pose a huge threat to the Shield. 

Tony Flood, Chris Hargas and Roger Matheus. These three have had their differences with each other in the past. However, I think in a crisis situation they could put those differences aside and work together. Flood, of course, is the current heavyweight champion in Stride. 

The Midwest Monster and Wraith: Bo Sawyer and Jason Tiller are the tag team champions and Wraith holds the Legacy Title. Not sure how Monster Hunters and a ghost would coexist, but you never know. 

Again these are just a few teams. I'll have the King of Trios blog up next week. Who would you put in the ring against the Shield?

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