Thursday, August 9, 2018

Wraith: Silent and violent

Wraith vs. Farmer Billy Hills

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Since debuting on the Stride Pro Wrestling roster in January, Wraith has proven to be one of the most violent competitors here. He plowed through the other competitors in the Stride Cup tournament, betting established stars like Ace Hawkins and Jose Magnifico. Not only did he win the cup but also the Legacy Title. 

Ryzer and Wraith assault Arron Brooks
His defenses have included the likes of Farmer Billy Hills, James Ellsworth and Arron Brooks. The big man (err... ghost) has used his size and power against all of these foes. Wraith has also had some help in the form of Disciple Ryzer. 

This duo has become a dangerous combo on the Stride roster. Together they have inflicted pain and punishment on everyone they've faced including breaking Magnifico's ankle earlier this year. Most recently, Ryzer used the Stride Pro Wrestling championship belt to split open the head of former champ Jay Spade.

This Saturday night at the Wrestling for Sarah fundraiser, Wraith will defend against former tag team champion Scott Phoenix. Can the hair overcome the scare? (Okay, that was a bad joke...) And Ryzer finds himself going one on one with Farmer Billy Hills. Farmer has had issues with both Wraith and Ryzer in recent months, so I imagine this match will also be quite competitive. 

Remember, the show is Saturday night at 7 p.m. at Eldorado High School. Tickets are $10 at the door. See you there. 

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