Tuesday, August 21, 2018

TatTuesday: Jason Tiller

Jason Tiller's tattoo 

Kevin Hunsperger
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The Midwest Monster Hunters burst onto the scene in Stride Pro Wrestling earlier this year. In that time, Jason Tiller and Bo Sawyer have won the tag team titles twice. Each man has some body ink. I've blogged about Bo's tattoo before, today the focus is on Jason.

He has a 'Jesus fish' on his arm. Jason admits he's not overly religious but enjoys the history of the Ichthus in the Christian community. He first learned about it when the chaplain on his college campus explained how in ancient Rome, Christians were persecuted, similar to the way they are in the east today. The Romans would punish people for worshiping Christ by impaling them on these huge poles, covering them in tar and using them as torches for the Coliseum. It was a brutal death sentence to be caught being a Christian.
So Christians were well underground at this point in history, understandably. They would generally hold worship services in the catacombs in Rome. The fish was an arrow. The point of the fish pointed Christians secretly to their secret worship service. It also served as an ID card of sorts. If you were a Christian and thought you may be talking to another Christian in public, you would draw half of the fish in the dirt. If the other person drew the other half, you knew you were talking to someone you could trust with your faith. The Roman government never caught on. Jason says his tattoo serves as a reminder to keep pushing. He tells himself in hard times "just draw the fish" as a joke.

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