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Abyss: Prize or punishment for someone at Stride

Abyss is coming to Stride Pro Wrestling on Saturday, Oct. 6
Community Consolidated 204 in Pinckneyville 

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When Stride Pro Wrestling invites a guest to come in and wrestler, many on the roster want the honor of working with Superstar. James Ellsworth, "Cowboy" Bob Orton, James Storm and Bushwhacker Luke are among those who have visited and competed in the Stride ring. On Saturday, Oct. 6, Impact Wrestling's Abyss is coming to town. He'll be in Pinckneyville at the fundraiser show being held at Community Consolidated 204.

However, it's not yet known who will be stepping through the ropes to face this monster. Is wrestling such a performer a prize or punishment? There are four men on the Stride roster who will compete for the opportunity. Cash Borden, Roger Matheus, Brian Richards and Cole James. It'll be winner take all in this fatal four-way this Saturday night (Aug. 11).

Courtesy: Impact Wrestling
I applaud the bravery of each man involved in this match for stepping up to the task. Abyss is one of the most intense and toughest wrestlers in the world today. His long resume in Impact Wrestling speaks for itself, including a stint at the company's heavyweight champion.

Cash Borden
Courtesy: Jill McKee
Despite his well-documented past, the abovementioned Stride guys all want that shot against Abyss. Borden has yet to win gold in Stride Pro Wrestling but has an impressive record here. He's also been in some most dangerous styles of matches around the country. He's also gone toe to toe with the toughest guy on the Stride roster, Roger Matheus.

Matheus killing me
Courtesy: Tom Harness
Matheus is the longest reigning Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion. You've heard me talk about how tough he is in past. He kicked my ass literally and figuratively in May at Stride Goes Steel. Roger is a military veteran and has had success with MMA as well. Without a doubt one of the most dangerous competitors in all of pro wrestling. He's also wrestled Abyss in the past.

Brian Richards vs. Chris Hargas
Courtesy: Jamie Woodworth-Myers
Brian Richards is a former co-holder of the tag team championships. He's the DR Party's enforcer. Richards has been in there against everyone from Chris Hargas to Heath Hatton to Daniel Eads, so he knows how to perform in high-pressure situations. Plus you have to factor in J. Wellington Beauregard and other members of the DR Party.

Cole James
Cole James is the wildcard. He's only been to a couple of Stride shows, the first being a triple threat with Matheus and Cash. James took the pin in that contest. He was also a participant in the most recent show's battle royal. But I do know James has a hardcore past, similar to that of Borden's. 

So really this is anyone's match to win. Again, the winner faces Abyss on Oct. 6. I guess on Oct. 7 I'll ask if they feel this is a prize or punishment.  We'll see you this Saturday night at 7 p.m. at Eldorado High School. Remember it's a benefit show for the Keltner family. 

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