Tuesday, August 14, 2018

TatTuesday: Heath Hatton

Hatton's Star Wars tattoos

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When I first met Stride Pro Wrestling's Heath Hatton in 2010 his tattoos were minimal. Fast forward eight years and Hatton's body is now the canvas to about 30 different tats. Most of them highlight his fandom for Star Wars. But there are others that have a deeper meaning. 

Lions and cross tattoos
Artist Darren Ashbaugh from Golgotha Tattoos has done most of Hatton's art. The lion and cub represent he and his daughter Jada. One thing that stands true about Hatton is his love for his daughter. He also has a cross with Jada's name on his chest, keeping her close to his heart at all times. 

Skull & snake
On his right arm, you'll find a snake and skulls. Hatton says he got those added because having your biggest phobias tattooed will keep those things away. Death and snakes are two things Hatton fears most. He tells me he's not afraid of dying, but of losing those he loves. 

Two people Hatton doesn't love: Tony Flood and J. Wellington Beauregard. He and Ax Allwardt, another guy he's had ups and downs with, will team up against Flood and 'J. Wells' on Saturday, Sept. 8 at the Free Fair Face Off in Carterville. See you there.

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