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Neville's future without WWE

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First, I know his name will likely no longer be Neville. But let's face it, most people who will read this know Benjamin Satterley better as Neville than his name in the indies; Pac. I consider myself fortunate to have met him years ago when he wrestled at a show I was doing commentary on, All American Pro Wrestling's Main Event. I've told the story a hundred times before and how we reconnected a couple other times after that first encounter. Get caught up here.

Meeting Neville at Toys R Us
Now that Neville is seemingly done with WWE and no longer under contract there's been plenty of speculation of where he'll end up next. Early buzz is he'll be part of All In one week from tonight. If that is the case I'll kick myself even harder for not getting tickets for the event. You see, my fandom for Neville goes beyond my appreciation for his in-ring ability. I found him to be a nice guy outside the ring. The fact that he remembered me years after meeting him impressed me. So if that makes me a mark, I'll gladly own it.

The good thing about leaving WWE these days is there are countless viable options for performers. Sure there's no WCW style alternative but the indy scene in this country and beyond is flourishing. Impact! Wrestling's product is improving greatly. Ring of Honor, Lucha Underground and New Japan would all be a great fit for the Man Gravity Forgot. The sky is the limit for Neville right now. I'd love to have him as a guest in Stride Pro Wrestling sometime. If I had my way I'd either be his manager for the night or team up with him for my third match. Heck, I'd even go on the road and manage him at other shows too.

The first meeting in 2012
Regardless of what happens next, I'll continue to follow and support Neville or Pac or whatever his name ends up being. He can and will be able to capitalize on his talents. Leaving WWE isn't the end, it's a new beginning; just ask Cody Rhodes.

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