Thursday, August 30, 2018

Stride's King of Trios

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Disclaimer: No one from Stride Pro Wrestling is competing in the upcoming King of Trios tournament, nor is anyone from Chikara coming to Stride. This is another fantasy booking blog. Thanks.

This weekend marks Chikara's annual King of Trios tournament. I love the concept because it pairs up wrestlers from not just the company but around the world. One year Demolition teamed up with the One Man Gang. This year, Molly Holly is on a team called Sisters of the Mighty. Even former Nexus members Darren Young, Michael Tarver and Justin Gabriel are competing.

Teams usually have some kind of common bond and a creative name as well. So I decided to have some fun with members of the Stride Pro Wrestling roster (past and present) and come up with a few teams. 

Team NAFTA: Tony Flood, Dexter Roswell & Jose Magnifico

TatDudes: Heath Hatton, Curly & Arron Brooks 

Hunters & Hunted: Midwest Monster Hunters (Bo Sawyer & Jason Tiller) & Abyss (he's coming in Oct.) 

Beyond the Graveyard: Wraith, Ryzer & the Disciple

Redneck World Order: Hollywood Redneck, "The Bad Guy" Cole James & Garrett Galloway

Farmers Only: "Farmer" Billy Hills, Sarah Summers & String Bean

Old School of Hardknocks: Ax Allwardt, Brandon Walker & "Homicidal" Steven Davis (managed by Gaylord Stephens)

Beard Money: Roger Matheus, Jake Capone & James Storm

Supermen on a Mission: Daniel Eads, Chris Hargas & Josh Totten

Disciplinary Action: Jerry Travelstead, Josh Plumlee & Tony Wilson

Get Lit: Cash Borden, "Neon Icon" Justin D'Air & Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

Alphabet Soup: C.J. Jordan, A.J. Kellis & T.J. Kellis

Full Deck: ACE Hawkins, Jay SPADE & Dalton DIAMOND

The DR Party: Brian Richards, Nathan Brag & Aaron Edwards (managed by J. Wellington Beauregard)

U.S. Hair Force: Scott Phoenix, Chase King and Kyle Pipher

Rise & Shine: Joey O'Riley, Brandon Espinosa & JD Wilk 

The Underdogs: James Ellsworth, Eugene Drip & Shane Lauder

Legendary Express: "Cowboy" Bob Orton, Bushwhacker Luke & Madman Pondo

Beauties & the Beast: Lil Bit, Dale Wyld & Bull Bronson

The Wellington Foundation: Frank Wyatt, Mr. Anthony & Carnage (managed by J. Wellington Beauregard) 

I think I covered everyone who is a regular on the Stride roster and just about anyone who has wrestled for us. Granted, there are likely a few names missing but the list is mostly complete. 

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