Monday, April 9, 2018

Wraith to haunt a former WWE Superstar this weekend

Wraith vs. Ellsworth 
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Stride Pro Wrestling returns to Mt. Vernon this Saturday (April 14) for a fundraiser show. We're helping the YouthBuild program of Marion and Jefferson Counties. The show is at Roadhouse Harley Davidson and will be Stride's first outdoor event (weather permitting, otherwise will go inside). 

Wraith stalks Farmer
Courtesy: Tom Harness
Former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth is coming in for this fundraiser and has been granted a championship match against Wraith. He picked up the Legacy Championship on our March 3 show. You may remember Wraith also won the Stride Cup that evening. He recently defended the title against 'Farmer' Billy Hills but used his sidekick Ryzer in assaulting the big man from Mudlick, Kentucky. Those tactics earned Wraith a disqualification and angered General Manager Sam Hunter to the point that he made the match between Ellsworth and Wraith.

Carmella & Ellsworth
Courtesy: WWE
We know Ellsworth gained fame in WWE after losing a match to Braun Strowman during Strowman's push after being separated from the Wyatt Family. Something about Ellsworth resonated with fans and he became more popular (initially) than Strowman (I truly believe that statement). I loved the work Ellsworth went on to do on SmackDown Live, playing the lovesick "boyfriend" of Carmella. The act lasted as long as it could and WWE released Ellsworth.

I wouldn't feel bad for him though because that opportunity has given new life to Ellsworth on the indy scene. He's making his own decisions and working for companies when he wants. That's how he's arrived at Stride Pro Wrestling. It'll be interesting to see how Ellsworth holds up against Wraith, who is not only a ghost but a big one at that. We've seen Ellsworth defy the odds and take it to men much bigger, stronger and better than him. He does have two hands, but does he have a chance against Wraith? And what role will Ryzer player that night? And don't forget Chase King who was apparently recruited to join the ghoulish gang. 

The meet & greet with Ellsworth begins at 4:30. Contact Jamie Woodworth Myers for more info on this show and how you can get your tickets.

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