Sunday, April 8, 2018

Stride Pro Wrestling gets chaotic

Lane Austin and me
By Kevin Hunsperger
@kevinhunsperger & @my123cents on Twitter

Wow, what a night. I still have that 'wrestling buzz' this morning as I write this blog post. Saturday night was an absolute thrill and for a number of reasons. The biggest being that so many people came together for a common cause, to help our friend Lane Austin. The benefit show in his honor was a huge success with fans, wrestlers and just folks from the community coming out to support Lane and indy wrestling. 

We're on the road to Stride Goes Steel in the Ville on May 26. It's an all steel cage show in Pinckneyville on May 26. It's a fundraiser for Pinckneyville High School. So mark your calendars now.

The new DR Party?
The DR Party got mocked early in the night by Stride Pro Wrestling tag team champions Ax Allwardt, Heath Hatton, Barry Karafa from CCW, Redneck Mania and the great Lane Austin himself. That all lead to a tag team title rematch later in the night between Ax and Heath and Dexter Roswell and Scott Phoenix. The champs won by disqualification in a match that was high paced and very intense. I honestly thought Hatton broke Dexter in half with a spear. It was a great match, to say the least. After the DQ nearly every wrestler on the roster showed up in pairs, taking out the two in the ring before them. That all ended with Ace Hawkins flying high and performing a waterfall splash on most of the guys outside the ring. 

New champ
Tony Flood finally fulfilled his destiny but cheated to win the Stride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title. After the ref got knocked down, Flood clocked Spade with a metal pipe and slapped another Sharpshooter on the champ. Despite protests from some of the other good guys in the locker room who came out to help Spade, it looks like the decision will stand.

Photo courtesy: Tom Harness
Farmer Billy Hills was assaulted by Wraith and Ryzer as the Farmer challenged for the Legacy Championship. In the end, Wraith was disqualified. Arron Brooks had a good outing with Ryzer earlier in the show, with the rookie Ryzer getting an impressive win. Jason Tiller made his debut against Jose Magnifico. And Bo Sawyer was on the losing effort against Hawkins. Brooks ended up distracting the Midwest Monster Hunter in that match.

Photo courtesy: Tom Harness
Things got personal between me and Roger Matheus again. He shoved me out of my chair during his match against the returning Cash Borden. This is the third or fourth time Roger has put his hands on me and I had enough. So before he could assault Cash, I took the chair and nailed him in the head with it. It honestly felt good to give this bully a taste of his own medicine, but I fear I've awoken an even more dangerous monster. This Saturday night, I've now been assigned to be the special guest referee between Matheus and Cash at our show in Mt. Vernon. 

That event will also feature Wraith vs. James Ellsworth (yes, that James Ellsworth). More matches will be announced this week. The show is a fundraiser for YouthBuild and is being held at Roadhouse Harley Davidson in Mt. Vernon. Check out Stride's social media for tickets. 


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